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 PlayerTeamPosGPPts/GFG %3P %FT %Ast/GReb/GST/GBlk/GTO/GFantasy Pts*
1 LeBron James CLEF2030.141.723.073.08.511.
2 Stephen Curry GSG2128.345.642.
3 James Harden HOUG1727.243.938.
4 Draymond Green GSF2113.741.726.
5 Blake Griffin LACF1425.551.
6 Dwight Howard HOUC1716.457.
7 Chris Paul LACG1222.150.342.
8 Klay Thompson GSG2118.644.639.
9 Jeff Teague ATLG1616.841.
10 Al Horford ATLC1614.450.722.
11 Paul Millsap ATLF1615.240.731.
12 Andre Iguodala GSG2110.447.435.
13 Tristan Thompson CLEF209.655.
14 Marc Gasol MEMC1119.739.
15 Trevor Ariza HOUF1713.242.638.
16 DeAndre Jordan LACC1413.
17 Jimmy Butler CHIG1222.944.
18 Derrick Rose CHIG1220.339.635.
19 DeMarre Carroll ATLF1614.648.640.
20 Timofey Mozgov CLEC2010.650.
21 Kyrie Irving CLEG1319.043.845.
22 Harrison Barnes GSF2110.644.
23 Josh Smith HOUF1713.543.838.
24 Bradley Beal WASG1023.440.537.
25 Andrew Bogut GSC194.756.
26 J.R. Smith CLEG1812.840.336.
27 Iman Shumpert CLEG209.
28 John Wall WASG717.439.
29 Pau Gasol CHIF1014.448.
30 Kyle Korver ATLG1411.
31 Joakim Noah CHIC125.840.
32 Jason Terry HOUG179.242.535.
33 Zach Randolph MEMF1115.642.320.
34 Marcin Gortat WASC1012.462.
35 Tim Duncan SAF717.958.
36 Terrence Jones HOUF1710.
37 Dennis Schroder ATLG169.038.624.
38 J.J. Redick LACG1414.943.540.
39 Corey Brewer HOUF1711.
40 Mike Dunleavy CHIG1210.948.948.
41 Matthew Dellavedova CLEG207.234.632.
42 Shaun Livingston GSG215.
43 Matt Barnes LACF147.638.
44 Jamal Crawford LACG1412.736.
45 Courtney Lee MEMG1113.355.
46 Kawhi Leonard SAF720.347.742.
47 Otto Porter WASF1010.044.338.
48 Paul Pierce WASF1014.648.552.
49 Mike Conley MEMG814.442.730.
50 Joe Johnson BKG616.536.
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