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 PlayerTeamPosGPPts/GFG %3P %FT %Ast/GReb/GST/GBlk/GTO/GFantasy Pts*
1 Chris Paul LACG7418.848.339.
2 James Harden HOUG7327.243.837.
3 Stephen Curry GSG7123.748.
4 John Wall WASG7417.744.930.
5 Russell Westbrook OKCG5927.642.530.
6 LeBron James CLEF6425.748.935.
7 Damian Lillard PORG7321.
8 Ty Lawson DENG6915.543.835.
9 Pau Gasol CHIF7018.649.650.081.02.811.
10 Anthony Davis NOF5924.754.
11 Marc Gasol MEMC7417.549.
12 Eric Bledsoe PHOG7417.
13 Kyrie Irving CLEG7021.946.741.
14 LaMarcus Aldridge PORF6523.546.836.085.01.810.
15 Kyle Lowry TORG6617.941.634.
16 DeMarcus Cousins SACC5624.146.829.080.03.312.
17 Tyreke Evans NOG7016.744.
18 Blake Griffin LACF5921.850.
19 DeAndre Jordan LACC7411.471.
20 Gordon Hayward UTAG7119.644.936.
21 Nikola Vucevic ORLC6619.352.650.076.01.811.
22 Paul Millsap ATLF7017.248.336.
23 Rudy Gay SACF6720.945.435.
24 Jeff Teague ATLG6616.245.935.
25 Kevin Love CLEF7016.543.336.080.02.310.
26 Andre Drummond DETC7313.550.
27 Tim Duncan SAF6813.949.929.
28 Al Horford ATLC6915.052.729.
29 Draymond Green GSF7211.844.434.
30 Monta Ellis DALG7319.144.430.
31 Klay Thompson GSG6821.746.443.
32 Derrick Favors UTAC6816.453.
33 Goran Dragic MIAG7016.250.335.
34 Jimmy Butler CHIG5820.246.335.
35 Mike Conley MEMG6716.
36 Zach Randolph MEMF6416.348.835.
37 Greg Monroe DETF6416.
38 Reggie Jackson DETG6814.142.929.
39 Brandon Knight PHOG6317.
40 Elfrid Payton ORLG748.942.823.
41 Markieff Morris PHOF7515.546.733.
42 Al Jefferson CHARC6316.948.440.
43 Giannis Antetokounmpo MILG7412.850.
44 Josh Smith HOUF7512.342.
45 Dirk Nowitzki DALF7017.145.538.
46 Victor Oladipo ORLG6417.744.334.
47 Rajon Rondo DALG618.941.830.
48 Dwyane Wade MIAG5421.848.
49 Evan Turner BOSG749.442.729.
50 Marcin Gortat WASC7411.855.
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