Report: Steelers Could Put TE Ladarius Green on Injured Reserve

August 18th, 2016

Over a week ago it was reported that Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Ladarius Green might have to retire, as a result of reoccuring headaches that have kept him on the PUP list. The Steelers denied the report, said Green was still recovering from ankle surgery, but there were no concerns about reoccuring headaches. Now here we are again with ESPN's Steelers' reporter Jeremy Fowler reporting Green could be headed to injured reserve.

It would be a bit of a rush move, given the Steelers could keep Green on the PUP list through the season, where he would be held out for six-plus weeks, but could still return by the middle of the season. Ruling him out for the season already, would be a scary, serious development, given how early we still are into the preseason. As of now, Green has too much risk to draft in fantasy leagues.

When more reports and information come out, we'll update this story.

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