Report: Tyler Eifert Could Return Sooner than Expected

August 26th, 2016

Fantasy owners and Cincinnati Bengals fans were given a ray of hope on Friday morning when The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert is expected to be "healthy the first few weeks of the season, if not the opener against the New York Giants." The 25-year-old tight end recently started jogging, which makes this report a bit of a surprise.

Eifert was initially expected to miss the first two-to-three weeks of the season as he recovered from ankle surgery, but The Enquirer's report paints a much more optimistic scenario for when Eifert could return. Eifert is currently going around the 91st pick by ESPN's average draft position, impacted by the expected missed games. But if he is able to play 15 or even 16 games this season, a case could be made for Eifert to be a top-80 pick.