Can Technology Bring Millennials Back To The Golf Course?

By Fred Altvater on Saturday, August 16th 2014
Can Technology Bring Millennials Back To The Golf Course?

Peter Kratsios, co-founder and CEO of GolfMatch believes it can.

The reasons younger people have moved away from golf are many and varied., and their iOS app GolfMatch, are eliminating two of those reasons by helping golfers to connect with others of similar abilities and interests, at the courses they wish to play in their area.

GolfMatch provides a listing of area golf courses and will make a recommendation through the app that fits each golfer’s profile and budget.  

A recent college graduate may find himself or herself in a totally new community or large city. They have not had time to make new golfing friends, other than through their work, or may be looking for a particular type of golf game.

Going to a new golf course as a single and trusting luck to provide a suitable pairing for a round of golf can be a scary proposition, especially for beginners and female golfers.

Whether the golfer is a high-handicapper, just seeking a casual weekend round, a female golfer looking for another lady who enjoys golf, or a low-handicapper in search of a serious game, GolfMatch can connect people within a community and find one, or a group of people, to fill out a foursome. 

In addition to providing suitable playing companions, GolfMatch can assist golfers choose a course near them that fits their skill level and budget, as well as lets you rate the courses you have played, or flag the courses you want to play in the future.

The GolfMatch app is currently available only on IPhone or IPad, but is coming soon to Droid mobile devices.

If you visit the website click on the Events tab to view a listing of current tournaments planned by the team. The initial tournaments held in Long Island, New York and Boston areas have received positive responses and more events will be scheduled in the future.

Kratsois also sees this facet of GolfMatch growing, with golf travel opportunities to exotic resorts across the U.S. and the world.

Social media is a major factor in any millennial’s daily life. GolfMatch uses Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and their weekly Newsletter to keep in touch with its followers and help promote golf courses around the country.

Much is made of the issue of “Growing the game of Golf,” and the khaki pants, blue sport coat, country club set are not reaching the young, working adult. These high-energy, fun-loving professionals have a myriad of various activities to feed their adrenaline-rush, but man does not live by triathlons, mountain-biking and zip-lining alone.

Some young professionals are looking for an enjoyable golf experience, but may not have a partner or know where to go. GolfMatch is making it easier for them to connect with one another, and build out their network of not only golfers, but hopefully relationships that go far beyond the course.

Technology, in the form of GolfMatch, may just be one of the components that help bring young people back to the golf course.

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