12-Team Redraft Fantasy Football Mock Draft

By Rachel Wold on Friday, June 28th 2013
12-Team Redraft Fantasy Football Mock Draft

With fantasy football drafts soon approaching, there is no better way to prepare to dominate and conquer your teammates come draft day, than to participate in online mock drafts. I would advise doing as many mock drafts as you can and do at least one for every draft pick position, so you can develop the best strategy based on the position you are assigned on your draft day. Along with completing mock drafts, an excellent study tool is to review the average draft pick (ADP) of the players as they are selected each round.

Here is a 15-person redraft team chosen from 9th pick out of 12 using ADP per selection. (B* is a benched position).

ADP, Player, Lineup Position, Team, Bye-Week

1.09   Calvin Johnson  WR 1   DET   9
2.04   Matt Forte  RB 1    CHI  8
3.09   David Wilson  RB 2   NYG   9
4.04   LeVeon Bell  RB Flex  PIT   5
5.09   Torrey Smith WR 2   BAL   8
6.04   Matthew Stafford QB 1   DET  9
7.09   Shane Vereen  RB B*   NE   10
8.04   Kyle Rudolph  TE  1   MIN  5
9.09   DeAndre Hopkins WR B   HOU  8
10.04 Houston   DEF    HOU  8
11.09  Joseph Randle  RB B   DAL  11
12.04  Joe Flacco  QB B   BAL  8
13.09  Jake Ballard   TE  B   NE   10
14.04  Julian Edelman  WR B   NE   10
15.09  Dan Bailey   PK    DAL  11

Let’s review the top nine positions that would be in the main lineup on a standard league.

Calvin Johnson should be the only wide receiver ever picked in the first round of drafts unless you are in a 14 person team or higher. He has held the number one receiving position for the last couple of seasons, and I don’t see him dropping in production any time soon. He will give you many fantasy points every week.

Matt Forte is relied heavily on by his team in Chicago’s running game. He puts up consistent running back numbers along with fantasy points each week and is always chosen early in round two in drafts.

David Wilson is starting his second year with the Giants and showed great speed and agility towards the end of last season as he began to take on a larger role as running back. He is expected to take on the majority of the running back duties starting in 2013 and shouldn’t disappoint his fantasy owners.

LeVeon Bell is a rookie who shows great potential and it appears he will be used as Pittsburgh’s lead running back. He should be nice flex position player, who might surpass expectations later in the year.

Torrey Smith is an average wide receiver and should be in line for more targets with the departure of fellow receiver Anquan Boldin.

Matthew Stafford makes a quality quarterback in this lineup. Where he’s not quite ranked in the top five, he ranks shortly after, and is known for his high volume of passing yards, which is where most of his fantasy points come. And, even better we have his favorite target, Calvin Johnson on this team.

Kyle Rudolph ranked ninth in tight ends last year and scored nine touchdowns for the Vikings. He should continue to receive a large number of targets from his quarterback this season.

Dan Bailey will be relied upon by Dallas for field goals as he led with 13 field goals from the 30-39 yard line for all kickers last year. Dallas moves the ball downfield many times per game, so Bailey gets plenty of work.

Houston remains a threat for offenses facing them this season. They managed 44 sacks last year and currently are an ADP of fourth in current mock drafts.

These are the remainder of the players will wait on the bench until needed.

Shane Vereen is in line to fill in for the departed running back Danny Woodhead. He will be one to watch and might make a nice flex play on occasion.

DeAndre Hopkins is the rookie worth keeping an eye on. With defenses focused on Andre Johnson, Hopkins could make some nice progress and might earn his way into the flex spot.

Joseph Randle makes a great handcuff Dallas’ injury-prone running back, DeMarco Murray.

Joe Flacco is an adequate, backup or bye-week fill-in for Matthew Stafford when needed.

Jake Ballard will be a sleeper tight end to own considering the current obstacles the Patriots are facing with their other tight ends.

Julian Edelman provides a handcuff to Patriots’ wide receiver Danny Amendola and could be used more often than not by the Patriots this year.


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