2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Quinten Rollins

By Ian Wharton on Thursday, December 4th 2014
2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Quinten Rollins

Name: Quinten Rollins

College: Miami (OH)

Class: SR-RS

Position: Cornerback

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 205


Leadership: 9 Experience: 5 Off-the-Field: 9
Mental Capacity: 7 Mental Toughness: 7 Durability: 8

Rollins only played one season of football since high school, instead focusing on basketball. He was an accomplished basketball player, racking up impressive steals numbers. He was a team captain as a junior and have no off the field incidents reported. He lacks football experience, but that’s the most surprising fact after watching him play. He hasn't been injured since his freshman season, when he missed eight games.

Final Grade: 7.5


Balance: 9 C.O.D: 9 Explosiveness: 8
Flexibility: 9 Coordination: 8 Body Type: 8

For the most part, Rollins wins with his natural athleticism. He’s a very good and smooth athlete that changes direction with ease. He has great hip movement and powerful lower body to explode when changing directions. Good leaper that contests the ball at its highest point well. Possesses good size and build. Able to cover every route and excels at undercutting routes.

Final Grade: 8.5


Football IQ: 7 QB Vision: 8 Tackling: 10
Range: 8 Hit Power: 9 Physicality: 8

Lack of experience is his biggest negative as a player, but FBI should improve. Situationally needs to be aware of the ball, as he lost track of it on run plays. Rollins is an excellent tackler with great hit power. Fundamental tackler. Not always willing to approach the ball carrier but he’s great when he does. Could be a safety if need be.  Shows good instincts when defending routes and anticipating the ball.

Final Grade: 8.33


Coverage Talent
Body Control: 8 Ball Skills: 8 Lateral Quicks: 8
Hip Fluidity: 9 Turn & Run: 8 Closing Speed: 8

He has good speed when running downfield. Doesn’t seem to run hard all the time because he knows his closing burst will allow him to make a play on the ball. Very good body control and balance. His turn and run ability is a major plus. Didn't face many challenging matchups but won a vast majority of coverage snaps charted. Hip fluidity is tremendous. Changes directions with ease.

Final Grade: 8.16


Coverage Technique
Press Technique: 6 Zone Drops: 7 Timing: 8
Hand Usage: 6 Footwork: 8 Positioning: 8

Doesn't have much technical foundation right now at the line of scrimmage. Physically capable of being a press cornerback but doesn't have good hand placement or confidence yet. Positions himself extremely well to play the ball. Seems to run routes better than the receiver multiple times a game. Good footwork already. Would like to see him stay in backpedal through coverage longer instead of favoring one side with his hips.

Final Grade: 7.16


Player Comparison: Johnathan Joseph
Projected Draft Position: 3rd/4th Round
Best Scheme Fit: Man
Injury History: Minor injury as freshman basketball player
Career Accolades: Accomplished 4-yr basketball player, 1 year football player
Career Stats: 73 total tackles, 7 INTs, 9 PDs


Final Analysis

Despite being a one-year football player for Miami, Rollins looks like one of the better cornerbacks in the country due to his natural athleticism and ability to play the ball. He mirrors receivers impressively well, which allows him to challenge at the catch point on a variety of routes.

His upper body strength may need to improve, and his hand usage certainly needs work if he’s going to be a press cornerback. He was shoved out of the way when playing press, which indicates that is an area with major growth potential. He turns and runs well with receivers when lining up over the receiver. His hip fluidity and body control are highly impressive.

He actually beat the receiver on their route multiple times, reaching the catch point as if he were the offensive player. For someone with such little live reps, he’s an advanced player as far as instincts and anticipation.

He may not be an instant starter for most teams in year one but he has significant upside as he learns the nuances of the game and improves technique.


Final Grade: 8.05- 2nd Round Value

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