2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Todd Gurley

By Ian Wharton on Wednesday, November 26th 2014
2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Todd Gurley

Name: Todd Gurley

College: Georgia

Class: Junior

Position: Running Back

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 232


Leadership: 8 Experience: 9 Off-the-Field: 9
Mental Capacity: 8 Mental Toughness: 8 Durability: 6

Gurley was suspended six games for signing memorabilia in 2014, which will not hurt him projecting forward. As a junior, Gurley was special teams and offensive captain for the Bulldogs, which is rare and impressive. He is willing to play wherever asked to play. Durability is a major question mark with his injury history. He’s tough, but a history of ankle injuries are worrisome. Suffered a torn ACL in his knee first game back from suspension. This is a major concern for long term durability. Final Grade: 8.3


Balance: 10 C.O.D: 8  Explosiveness: 9
Flexibility: 7 Coordination: 9 Body Type: 10

Gurley has elite balance for such a big back. Able to take hits and continue rolling down the field without losing steam. Changes direction well despite not being flexible in the hips. Doesn't have the lower body shakes that smaller backs will have, which is a product of his size. Explosive player with the ability to break off chunk plays routinely. Was always the best player on the field for UGA. Excellent frame that can take a lot of hits. Fits the profile of a number one, lead back. Final Grade: 8.83


Running Talent
Game Speed: 9 Quickness: 8 Acceleration: 8
Leg Drive: 9 Lateral Control: 7 Stamina: 8

Dangerous runner because he’s able to run through or around defenders. Pairs great power with his upper and lower body with plus acceleration and quickness in the open field. Doesn't have a great top speed but he’s quick to reach his fastest point. He might not get many 50+ yard runs but he will break off plenty of chunk gains. Won’t be confused as an east/west runner since his lateral agility isn't better than average, but he can get outside of the tackles with quickness. Split carries a lot due to deep backfield talent. Stamina may only be average. Final Grade: 8.16


Running Style
Vision: 8  Patience: 7 Anticipation: 7
Elusiveness: 8 Maneuverability: 8 Fumbling: 8

Many of his chunk plays came off manufactured running lanes (read option or tosses). Vision in power schemes is inconsistent, and a potential issue. Ran into the back of his lineman on multiple occasions, lacking the patience and vision to find a better lane. See and do player without much anticipation. Great fit in a zone blocking scheme as a 1-cut back. Worked best inside the tackle box when able to make a cutback. Also able to bend on inside zone run plays. Will bounce outside the tackles too often. Final Grade: 7.66


Football IQ: 9 Blocking Technique: 6 Pass Blocking: 6
Experience: 9 Hands: 8 Routes: 7

Good awareness on the field as far as situational play. Knows where the first down is and will fight to get there. Blocking is highly suspect. Limited to a cut blocker by UGA and doesn't do a great job with that. Has physical gifts that suggest this can develop. Played early and often at UGA, but limited experience as a blocker. Willing to block, however. Hands are good and seem reliable. Few drops over his career. Only ran basic routes, showing adequacy. Final Grade: 7.5


Player Comparison: Steven Jackson
Projected Draft Position: 2nd Round
Best Scheme Fit: Zone Running 
Injury History: Left ankle sprain (missed 3 games), thigh bruise, exhaustion - 2013.  Torn ACL - 2014
Career Accolades: 293 all-purpose yards vs Clemson (2014), 16-100 yard rushing games
Career Stats: 510 carries, 3,285 yards, 36 TDs; 65 receptions, 615 yards, 6 TDs


Final Analysis

Gurley is a gifted player with excellent size and good speed. His biggest question mark is his ACL injury. Most backs are out of the league within 3-5 years of this injury. His quickness and acceleration really stand out when he plays. He seems to have mid-4.5 speed, which is good enough for a back with his size.

Gurley doesn't possess elite vision or patience, at times dancing around while the lineman try to open running lanes, or running into the backs of his blockers. If he goes to a zone blocking team, he will have much easier reads and his ability to cutback upfield will be a major plus. Good receiver out of the backfield, but he likely won’t be in much on third down passing situations for some time. He’s a poor pass blocker at this time, lacking the technique and experience to be confident in.

He’ll almost always cut the rushers, but that’s a hit or miss proposition. Gurley may not be an elite back like Adrian Peterson, but he can be very productive if he has a good line and scheme that plays to his strengths. He’d likely be productive in a power blocking scheme but he should excel if he goes to a zone blocking scheme.

Final Grade: 8.00 - Late 2nd Round Value

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