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Tom Hunt Has Been Fixing Golf Clubs for Over 20 Years on PGA Tour

Tom Hunt Has Been Fixing Golf Clubs for Over 20 Years on PGA Tour
By Fred Altvater on September 13, 2013

Have you ever snapped a shaft, lost a club head or otherwise broken a perfectly good golf club after a particularly bad golf shot?

Have you ever had a problem finding someone to repair your wounded warrior in a timely manner?

Have you ever had to send the broken club back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement and wait a few weeks to get it back?

If you have played golf for any length of time, any or all of these golf club maladies have happened to you.

Professional golfers break clubs too and they cannot wait for a local repair shop to fix the club.

Every professional golfer is particular about the specific feel of their equipment and need them fixed by someone they trust to restore it to its original condition.

When you have a physically fit golfer swinging a golf club in excess of 100 miles per hour at a golf ball something is occasionally going to break.

Tom Hunt has followed the PGA, and NGA Tours for over 20 years. He drives his 53-foot custom work trailer to every Tour event and can address any club malfunction a player may face.

Hunt is an independent contractor and is the only club repairman on site at most Tour tournaments. Taylormade, Titelist, Ping and Callaway have big shiny 18-wheel tractor trailer rigs that follow the high-priced talent on the PGA Tour, but don’t venture out to the Tour.

Through a contract with the PGA Tour, a portion of every entry fee goes to Hunt for his service. He stocks every major brand in his mobile work shop. Each manufacturer provides him a supply of their equipment and pays him a fee for his service.

At this stage of his career Hunt finds it much more rewarding working with the young players of the Tour. They have not yet been spoiled by the bright lights and enormous purses of the PGA Tour.

In years past, he would be the only repair option available at each tournament. Manufacturers now spend millions on marketing and huge endorsement deals. They show up each week with their trucks loaded with goodies to dispense and cater to their every whim and need of a PGA Tour player.

The average golf fan doesn’t realize the work that goes on behind the scenes necessary to put on a huge show like a, LPGA or PGA Tour tournament. 

It takes hundreds of volunteers to provide everything from transportation, marshaling, crowd control and food service. A small army of media personnel reports every errant swing and missed putt. 

An equipment repair van with a knowledgeable and experienced golf club repair is just one of the necessities to keep the professionals on the course, comfortable with their equipment and able to compete.

Fred Altvater

Fred Altvater

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