On Deck with Cody Decker

By Jessica Kleinschmidt on Wednesday, April 24th 2013
On Deck with Cody Decker

“Hit the ball hard somewhere.”  These words may seem short, but it’s some of the best advice Cody Decker has been given.

The 26 year-old utility player for the Tucson Padres is doing everything he can to make it to the big leagues, while providing us with some twitter humor in the process. 

“My mind produces interesting thoughts, says Decker. “Fans seem to like my horrible thoughts.”

Everything from his Doctor Who obsession, to random Phi Collins thoughts, the tweets Decker produces are funny, and not just “athlete funny.”

Along with starring and retweeting his “horrible thoughts,” Decker left it to his fans to decide and vote for a walkup song for him.  The votes were tallied and it concluded in the Doctor Who theme song.  “I like it; it’s my favorite show anyhow.” 

Secretly, I wanted Captain Jack Sparrow to win.

With the season just getting underway Decker is batting .195 with eight hits, six RBI’s and bomb, with his last 10 games batting .259, his 2013 season will be a strong one.  “I’m working hard on honing my catching skills, trying to make a permanent switch to the position,” states Cody.  “Offensively I have to stick to my approach and work on it every day.”

Decker has been with the Padres organization since playing for UCLA for four years.  “It’s a good organization filled with good people, from the front office to the coaching staff to the players; great people to be around and learn from.” 

I myself have been going to minor league baseball game my whole life, and highly suggest going to see the future stars of the majors.  They’re easier to approach, and you usually get great tickets for half the price, while still getting the big league feel to your experience.

Keep an eye out for Decker, and when it’s his “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey,” we will be there, cheering him on.

I asked Decker if he had a motto that he lived his life by and he said "Have fun with everything you do; there's no reason hard work can't be fun."

You can follow Cody on twitter at @Decker6.  A follow you won't regret.

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