Eddie Alvarez UFC Offer Has Intent for Title Shot, Cut of Pay-Per-View Money

By John Heinis on Thursday, January 10th 2013
Eddie Alvarez UFC Offer Has Intent for Title Shot, Cut of Pay-Per-View Money

Former Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez has two juicy offers awaiting him when he finally chooses between his recent employer and the UFC, but the latter would likely give him an immediate title shot and a portion of pay-per-view money.

MMA Junkie was the first to report the news on Wednesday evening.

The UFC contract recently offered to Alvarez states their interest in offering him an immediate title bout with UFC lightweight title holder Benson Henderson in March, as well as earning a cut of the pay-per-view profits. 

The contract was an exhibit in a lawsuit Bellator filed against “The Silent Assassin,” which MMA Junkie obtained a copy of.

Additional details of the UFC deal on the table include a $250,000 signing bonus, anywhere from $1 to $2.50 for each pay-per-view “buy” between 200,000 and 600,000 buys (with three specific circumstances noted) and initially a $70,000 show purse, with the same amount being offered as a win bonus.

Both the show purse and win bonus would increase by $5,000 with each win, with a ceiling of a $210,000.

Also part of the deal, Alvarez is guaranteed a spot on a UFC on FOX event as three appearances as a commentator for any UFC-branded event.

The Bellator contract, which was issued roughly 10 days after the UFC offer, was a match offer, so the deal is of course nearly identical.

However, there are still a few key differences between the two contracts.

If he accepts the Bellator offer, Alvarez will receive a $25,000 bonus for engaging in a behind-the-scenes show filmed by Spike TV (which now airs Bellator events), a $100,000 payout for coaching Bellator’s second season of their reality show and a guest host spot on Spike TV’s “Road to the Championship” show.

While the deals are incredibly similar, Alvarez and Bellator could not reach an agreement and have now entered what will likely be a lengthy process of litigation.

Should Bellator have just let Alvarez walk or is he far too important for their brand to let him go without a fight?

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