2014 NBA Mock: Full 2 Round Edition

By Blake Arnold on Sunday, May 25th 2014
2014 NBA Mock: Full 2 Round Edition

                                                      First Round

1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Andrew Wiggins, SG/SF, Kansas

The Cavs need a player who can develop into an elite presence on their squad,  Wiggins can become a Lebron James type player if he does develop into what I think he can be. I feel he will play Shooting Guard/Small Forward with the Cavs, if Dan Gilbert can somehow, someway lure Lebron back to Cleveland. With a lineup of Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, and Wiggins, the Cavs can push for the fifth or sixth seed in the East,

2. Milwaukee Bucks: Jabari Parker, Small/Power Forward, Duke.

The Bucks need an immediate face of the franchise player and Jabari is just that with the strength of a four and the scoring and bounce of a three. He fits at either position, but will play the three in Milwaukee and be an immediate upgrade on that offensive unit. While Jabari Parker lacks defense, he can develop a strong game under coach Larry Drew. 


3. Philadelphia 76ers: Joel Embiid, Center, Kansas.

First off I want to say I believe Embiid's back is fine and he will check out medically.  In the NBA, you win with defense on the inside. A driving lane filled with Embiid and Nerlens Noel is almost impenetrable Two great shot blockers will help the Sixers immensely, giving them great a frontcourt for years.


4. Orlando Magic: Dante Exum, Point Guard, Australia. 

For years, Orlando has been searching for a point guard and they finally find an elite point guard and my No. 1 player in Exum, who has crazy length and will score at will. Think of a more freakish Michael Carter-Williams that can score when watching this young man.


5. Utah Jazz: Noah Vonleh, Center, Indiana.

You either win by strong guard play or strong frontcourt play. Utah has a choice of going Marcus Smart or Vonleh here, but pairing Vonleh with Favors is a great duo for years to come. Vonleh plays great defense and can score at an above-average level. This also can keep  Derrick Favors at his power forward position.


6. Boston Celtics: Combo Guard, Marcus Smart, Oklahoma St.

Boston needs someone who can score and take pressure off Jeff Green, which Smart can do. This also gives the Celtics a strong backcourt of Rajon Rondo, Smart and Green.


7.  Los Angeles Lakers: Julius Randle, Power Forward, Kentucky.

Pau Gasol is a unrestricted free agent in 2015 and is free to sign anywhere. Julius Randle can be a long-term answer at power forward and gives you what you need at the position: length, great defense and above-average offense that can be developed to a high level.


8. Sacramento Kings: Aaron Gordon, Power Forward, Arizona.

The Kings need another scorer who can go along with Rudy Gay. Gordon can develop his offense while contributing big time on defense with DeMarcus Cousins.


9. Charlotte Hornets: Doug McDermott, Small Forward/Power Forward, Creighton.

The Hornets need someone who can add to the scoring and also someone with range, McDermott has range and can score at will. He also is a capable rebounder helping them in that department which is much needed in improvement.


10. Philadelphia 76ers: Dario Saric, Small Forward, Croatia.

A trend I saw a lot last year with the Sixers was failure to score. Saric will more than likely immediately come over and play. Saric can score at a decent level, which the Sixers desperately need. He is a also capable passer for a big man who can come in and start right away.

11. Denver Nuggets: Gary Harris, Shooting Guard, Michigan State.

Denver has a decent starting five, but none of them are NBA All-Stars. Harris can fix a big hole in the shooting guard spot taking over for an aging Randy Foye.


12. Orlando Magic: Adrien Payne, Power Forward, Michigan State.

The Magic mostly need talent here, and Payne is exactly that. A big man that can score at a high level when he gets hot and plays above average defense, Payne fits Magic perfectly in what they want to do.


13. Minnesota Timberwolves: Nik Stauskas, Guard, Michigan.

The Timberwolves shot just 34 percent from beyond the arc and as we all know, Stauskas is lights out from that range. He can improve their shooting drastically and also is very good passer.


14. Phoenix Suns: T.J. Warren, Small/Power Forward, NC State.

The Suns need some wing depth and with Gerald Green in a contract year and P.J. Tucker a free agent, they could use someone who can score and play decent defense. That's what Warren will do.


15. Atlanta Hawks: Kyle Anderson, Small Forward, UCLA.

The Hawks need some serious help at small forward. Anderson scores at a high level and plays intense defense. 

16. Chicago Bulls: James Young, Small Forward, Kentucky.

The Bulls as you seen in the playoffs, play sound defense, but struggle to score. Young is a steal if he falls to 16, ( I believe he is Top-10 Pick.) Young can develop into a James Harden type player that plays defense. He can also score at an elite level and plays pretty good defense.


17. Boston Celtics: Clint Capela, Power Forward, Switzerland.

The Celtics need a big man who can rebound and protect the rim. And you get just that with Capela, who is averaging 18.5 points, 13 rebounds, and 3.2 blocks on his team. He brings what Boston wants whether it's this year or next year.


18. Phoenix Suns: Jusuf Nurkic, Center, Bosnia.

With all the young talent Phoenix has it's best to take a talented and developing international player and stash him for a few years.


19. Chicago Bulls: Tyler Ennis, Point Guard, Syracuse.

Let's face it, Derrick Rose is injury prone. Kirk Hinrich and D.J. Augustin are both free agents and the Bulls need point guard insurance behind Rose. Ennis who plays great defense and scores at a decent level is just what Coach Tom Thibodeau will want for this squad.


20. Toronto Raptors: Zach Lavine, Shooting Guard, UCLA.

The Raptors need some scoring and some depth. LaVine will compete with Landry Fields as a sixth man.


21. Oklahoma City Thunder: Kristaps Porzingis, PF, Latvia.

Oklahoma City has a great lineup and could use one of their first-round picks on a an international player that could stay overseas for a few seasons.


22. Memphis Grizzlies: Jerami Grant, Small Forward, Syracuse.

The Grizzlies need to improve the wing position over aging players such as Tayshaun Prince and Mike Miller. Grant plays great defense and can defend both wing positions. He fits what the Grizzlies will want to do with the wing spot.


23. Utah Jazz: Cleanthony Early, Small Forward, Wichita State.

Cleanthony is a very capable scorer who plays top-notch defense. He could be a starter immediately at the small forward position because I doubt the Jazz will want Richard Jefferson playing more than 27 minutes a game again next season.


24. Charlotte Hornets: Bogdan Bogdanovic, SG, Serbia.

The Charlotte Hornets finally have some cap space to use with Ben Gordon coming off the payroll, and will spend it on free agents, so I believe they will stash one of their first-round picks overseas.


25. Houston Rockets: Rodney Hood, Small Forward, Duke.

Dwight Howard works best with great shooters around him. Hood will help Dwight out with this, as he can shoot the ball from the three-Point arch at a high level.


26. Miami Heat: K.J. McDaniels, Small Forward, Clemson.

The Heat really rely on wing players with aging Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen who both will/can become free agents this year and the next. McDaniels is an excellent defender who needs to develop some on his offensive game.


27. Phoenix Suns: Elfrid Payton, Point Guard, La Lafayette.

Payton is an excellent ball handler and is a guy who can create his own shot and drive the lane with ease. The Suns need point guard depth and he will come in handy reducing Goran Dragic's minutes.   


28. Los Angeles Clippers: Shabazz Napier, Point Guard, UCONN.

Darren Collison had a pretty good season, but possesses an opt-out clause in his contract and will most likely exercise it. Shabazz Napier isn't afraid of big moments as he led his team to a National Championship in 2014. He can create his own shot, is lights out from the three-point arch and dishes the ball and will be able to take control when Chris Paul goes out for a breather.


29. Oklahoma Thunder: P.J. Hairston, Shooting Guard, D-League.

The Thunder could use depth behind Thabo Sefolosha. Hairston dominated the D-League and should come in and contribute right away.       


30. San Antonio Spurs: Mitch McGary, Center, Michigan.

The Spurs have established scorers but always look for front court depth and McGary is a big that could contribute off the bench.                   

                                                            2014 NBA Mock Draft Round 2 

31. Milwaukee Bucks Select Jordan Adams, SG, UCLA.

32. Philadelphia 76ers Select DeAndre Daniels, SF, UCONN.

33.Cleveland Cavaliers Select Isaiah Austin, Center, Baylor.

34. Dallas Mavericks Select Glenn Robinson, SF, Michigan.

35. Utah Jazz Select Spencer Dinwiddie, SG, Colorado.

36. Milwaukee Bucks Select Deonte Burton. PG,Nevada.

37. Toronto Raptors Select Artem Klimenko, Center, Russia.

38. Detroit Pistons Select Walter Tavares, Center, Cape Verde.

39. Philadelphia 76ers Select Jarnell Stokes, PF, Tennessee.

40. Minnesota Timberwolves Select Vasilije Micic, PG, Serbia.

41. Denver Nuggets Select Patric Young, PF/C, Florida.

42. Houston Rockets Select Damien Inglis, SF, French Guiana.

43. Atlanta Hawks Select C.J. Wilcox, PG, Washington.

44. Minnesota Timberwolves Select Johnny O'Bryant, C, LSU

45. Charlotte Hornets Select Nikola Jokic, C, Serbia.

46. Washington Wizards Select Jabari Brown, SG, Missouri.

47. Philadelphia 76ers Select Russ Smith, PG/SG, Louisville.

48. Milwaukee Bucks Select Jordan Clarkson, PG/SG, Missouri.

49. Chicago Bulls Select James McAdoo, PF, North Carolina.

50. Phoenix Suns Select Rasmus Larsen, PF, Denmark.

51. Dallas Mavericks Select Dwight Powell, PF, Stanford.

52. Philadelphia 76ers Select LaQuinton Ross, SF, Ohio State.

53.  Minnesota Timberwolves Select  Devyn Marble, PG, Iowa.

54. Philadelphia 76ers Select Nick Johnson, SG, Arizona.

55. Miami Heat Select Semaj Christon, PG, Xavier.

56. Denver Nuggets Select Jahii Carson, PG, Arizona State.

57. Indiana Pacers Select Cory Jefferson, PF, Baylor.

58. San Antonio Spurs Select Josh Huestis, SF, Stanford.

59. Toronto Raptors Select Thanasis Antetokounmpo, SF, Delaware.

60. San Antonio Spurs Select Markel Brown, SG, Okst.

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