Fantasy Duds - Central Division

By Andrew Brand on Friday, November 23rd 2012
Fantasy Duds - Central Division

Four weeks into the NBA season and players are showing their worth for your fantasy team. Not all are performing up to standard thus far. Now is the time to identify the dead weight on your fantasy roster and cut it lose.

If you were looking for a bargain in a salary cap league and you stuffed your roster with expensive players leaving only scraps left. These guys might have looked like a decent option; truth of the matter is there are many sleeper picks and players on the rise that can be had for cheap. 

A six part series will look at each division and identify the fantasy duds. We are starting in the Atlantic division where we have identified the following five players who are underperforming. If you drafted any of these guys and are relying on them for fantasy points; cut your losses now and move on. 

Omri Casspi - Cleveland Cavaliers
Entering his fourth year in the NBA, hopes were that Omri Casspi would regain his scoring touch for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Instead it has been a steady regression since his rookie year. This season has gotten off to a horrid start and there hasn’t been any reason for optimism thus far.

Through the Cavaliers first nine games, Casspi has seen limited court time and as such produced little in the way of fantasy points. Casspi actually started 35 games last year for the Cavaliers, I don’t see him making any starts this season. So far he is averaging only 10.7 minutes per game and contributing a paltry 3.7 ppg and 2.4 rpg. To add to an already dismal stat line, Casspi is shooting the ball at an awful .350 clip on the year. Things won’t get better for Casspi as he has slid even further down the depth chart in Cleveland; fantasy GM’s should just slide this guy right off your roster entirely.

Charlie Villanueva - Detroit Pistons
The Charlie Villanueva experience in Detroit has been a disappointment with this season being the crowning jewel. In 12 Pistons games so far this season, Charlie V has seen action in three of them; so far he has recorded more DNP’s than points. He isn’t even seeing court time in blowout losses and there isn’t a chance he’s going to be cracking the starting lineup anytime soon. It is clear that he has fallen so far out of favor with Head Coach Lawrence Frank that he’ll be lucky to get garbage spot minutes for the rest of the season. Villanueva is a colossal disappointment with little to zero fantasy value. So if for some reason you are holding onto him in hopes of seeing some production, it isn’t going to happen.

Corey Maggette - Detroit Pistons

This 13 year NBA veteran is really having a down year. Coming off last season where he averaged 15 ppg and 4 rpg there was some expectation that similar production this year was possible. Instead we have seen a hobbled Corey Maggette who has been getting spot minutes and who is producing well below last season’s averages. Through four games Maggette is averaging 15 minutes a night a throwing up 6.8 ppg, 1.3 rpg and 1.5 apg; not good numbers at all and certainly not good enough to warrant a spot on your fantasy roster. Maggette’s best years in terms of fantasy value are long gone; his production this year will be spotty at best so there is no point in keeping him around.

D.J. Augustin - Indiana Pacers

This former first round pick of the Charlotte Bobcats has disappointed many in Indiana. Augustin came over to Indiana as a free agent and was slated in as the backup point guard. His role has diminished since the season has started and he now finds himself fighting for minutes off the bench. Augustin did produce in Charlotte where he was the everyday starting point guard playing around 30 minutes a night. In Indiana his minutes have been limited to about 13 a night and Augustin hasn’t been able to adjust. Through the Pacers first 13 games, Augustin is averaging only 2.8 ppg, 1.2 rpg and 2.2 apg. If you were looking at Augustin or have him on your roster in some of the deeper leagues, you might as well cut him loose and go find a serviceable backup point guard because Augustin’s fantasy worth is extremely minimal. 

Joel Przybilla - Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks are playing some good basketball thanks to their terrific guard play and rotation of serviceable big men to play the forward roles. Joel Przybilla was supposed to fit into that equation by providing a huge 7’1” veteran presence on the floor. Instead Przybilla has shown his age and fragility in only playing three games all year so far. In those three games he has produced a total of 2 points, 9 rebounds and 1 block shot. There are just too many players ahead of Przybilla on the Bucks depth chart for there to be any real value here. If you had picked up Przybilla for next to nothing for a plug in at the center position then you got exactly what you paid for; next to nothing.

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