Fantasy Duds - Southeast Division

By Andrew Brand on Tuesday, November 27th 2012
Fantasy Duds - Southeast Division

Four weeks into the NBA season and players are showing their worth for your fantasy team. Not all are performing up to standard thus far. Now is the time to identify the dead weight on your fantasy roster and cut it lose.

If you were looking for a bargain in a salary cap league and you stuffed your roster with expensive players leaving only scraps left. These guys might have looked like a decent option; truth of the matter is there are many sleeper picks and players on the rise that can be had for cheap.

A six part series will look at each division and identify the fantasy duds. We are moving now onto the Southeast division where we have identified the following five players who are underperforming. If you drafted any of these guys and are relying on them for fantasy points; cut your losses now and move on. 

Devin Harris – Atlanta Hawks

What a disappointment Devin Harris has been so far. Last season in Utah, Harris was the starting point guard in all 63 games for the Jazz. Harris came into Atlanta with expectations of maintaining his starting job; instead he has clearly lost out to Jeff Teague and is now relegated to a small bench role. Through ten games, Harris is literally averaging half-that of his career numbers; a paltry 6.2 ppg, 2.2 apg and 1.7 rpg. If you drafted Harris with the hopes of nabbing a backup point guard with a starter’s mentality that could bring a descent stat line off the bench then you are terrifically disappointed. Drop Harris and shop for a new backup.

Hakim Warrick – Charlotte Bobcats

Hakim Warrick entered the league as a high flying dunker extraordinaire and he is now clinging to the NBA life in a reserve role with the Charlotte Bobcats. In only six games so far this season Warrick is averaging only 7.8 minutes of court time. His production has been reduced to about one bucket per game now; nothing that is worth keeping around on your squad. There is some hope that he might see more game action as Tyrus Thomas is out with an injury, meaning Warrick could step in and see some of those minutes. If you have Warrick on your roster in hopes of him contributing and getting a chance to play for the young Bobcats team; it just doesn’t look like that will be happening.

Jan Vesely – Washington Wizards

This second year Washington Wizard is struggling mightily. What was supposed to be a potential breakout season has turned into another teaching year. Vesely has shown he is not ready to compete with the NBA caliber talent. Vesely doesn’t get consistent minutes for the Wizards and his on-court production is sporadic. Through eleven games Vesely is averaging 2.6 ppg, 0.8 apg and 2.5 rpg; production that isn’t worth having on your fantasy roster.

Hedo Turkoglu – Orlando Magic

Turkoglu is still out with injury and his expected return date has now been pushed back till at least January. The three years Turkoglu has been in Orlando have all been colossally disappointing, this season is no exception. Even if he returns and is healthy I would expect averages to be under 10 ppg with little to no assist or rebound contributions. Given the chance the Orlando Magic would unload this contract in a heartbeat; I don’t envision many teams wanting Turkoglu for their stretch run but should that play out, that represents the only fantasy value associated to him this season.

Mike Miller – Miami Heat

The oft-injured Mike Miller has filled in valiantly in Dwayne Wade’s absence; however, don’t be fooled by the spot starts. Miller’s fantasy value is severely diminished due to his physical health and the fact that Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis will be seeing more minutes during the season. With Miller’s ailing and failing body the Heat will be looking to maximize his minutes, meaning less game action now and more later into the season when the games really matter. In the Heat’s first eleven games, Miller has averaged 3.5 ppg, 1.5 apg and 2.4 rpg; not good enough production for even a bench player.

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