Report: Trail Blazers Could Pursue Carmelo Anthony

By Matt Johnson on Sunday, July 16th 2017
Report: Trail Blazers Could Pursue Carmelo Anthony

While the NBA's rumor mill has reduced speed, the force still driving much of it is Carmelo Anthony. Now with a new general manager set up in New York, the Knicks could resume trade talks to try and find a home for the forward. While the Houston Rockets are the heavy favorites and rumored preference for Anthony, a new team mark emerge from the darkness.

On Sunday morning, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Portland Trail Blazers could pursue Anthony's services. Woj noted the belief in Portland's building is Anthony would add to the team's current roster and "furnish it with talent and depth comparable to those (teams) at the top of the Western Conference."

The question becomes if Pottland is able to offer the Knicks an enticing trade for Anthony, does he waive his no-trade clause. It had been previously reported he would only waive it in a trade to play with his friend LeBron James in Cleveland or James Harden and Chris Paul with the Rockets. So even if Portland's interest is legitimate, they'd have to convince Anthony to move all the way across the country and play with Damian Lillard.

it seems doubtful, but the level of some teams interest in Anthony is not. While he is now 33 and owed $54 million over the next two seasons and that does not even include his 15 percent trade kicker, teams would still love to add a forward who has scored 20-plus points per game in every season of his career. 

Anthony's days as a member of the Knicks seem to be coming towards an end. New York's new GM Scott Perry should accommodate the team's aging star and trade him, then build around Kristaps Porzingis and let him know he is the new star of New York. If he can do that, he'll have already done a better job than Phil Jackson.

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