2013 Fantasy Player Comparison: Russell Wilson vs Colin Kaepernick

By Jessica Kleinschmidt on Thursday, May 23rd 2013
2013 Fantasy Player Comparison: Russell Wilson vs Colin Kaepernick

These two big-named quarterbacks were elite last year.  Entering 2013, both Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick will  be hot picks.  Who is the better candidate for your fantasy team?  Let’s take a look and find out.

Russell Wilson- Quarterback, Seattle Seahawks

The third round (75th overall) draft pick in 2012 made his mark with Seattle.  He signed a four-year $2.99 million contract and made his preseason inauguration against the Tennessee Titans.  Since that game his numbers became impressive, especially for a rookie quarterback.  Wilson accumulated 3,118 passing yards, 30 touchdowns and an impressive 11-5 record.  Having Marshawn Lynch as your running back does not hurt you at all either.  Lynch rushed for 1,590 yards last year with 12 touchdowns, and some pretty sweet dreads.  Getting Wilson on your fantasy team this year will not only be a blessing, but you can probably guarantee a top five ending in your league.  He earned fantasy owners 329.2 fantasy points last year and don’t expect this season to be any different.  Snag him while you can.

2013 Stat Projections: 2,997 passing yards, 10 interceptions, 92 rushing attempts, 500 rushing yards, and 32  touchdowns


Colin Kaepernick-Quarterback San Francisco 49ers

You’ve seen it; the famous “kissing of the bicep pose.”  It’s probably on half of your Facebook friend’s profile pictures.  Everyone has caught some sort of the Kap-fever.  Can you blame them?  Check out his numbers last season.

Colin threw for 1,814 yards, 15 touchdowns (five of which were on rushing alone), made an appearance in the Super Bowl, and landed 415 rushing yards, which is unheard of as a quarterback.  The 49ers also recently added a strong wide receiver in Anquan Boldin who proved with the Ravens that he can catch anything that is thrown to him.  The 36th overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft will give you great numbers if you are lucky enough to draft him to your team, and with Colin giving fantasy owners 262.38 total fantasy points last year in just seven regular-season starts, this season brings nothing but winning for you.

2013 Stat Projections: 3,027 passing yards, 7 interceptions, 97 rushing attempts, 406 yards, and 27 touchdowns


In Comparison

Last year’s number may show that Wilson is the best candidate for you right?  Not necessarily.  Kaepernick not only played less games than Wilson, but ran the ball better, and still made it to the Super Bowl.  Kaepernick’s name alone will get him snagged before you can ask someone to pass the chicken wings at your draft party.  If you have the opportunity to snag one of these quarterbacks you will be lucky, but at the end of the day, Colin is your best bet if you want more fantasy points.  


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