2013 NFL Draft: Brandon McGee Scouting Report

By Vincent Frank on Wednesday, April 17th 2013
2013 NFL Draft: Brandon McGee Scouting Report

The cornerback class is absolutely stacked with talent this draft season. Teams will be able to find starter-caliber talent up until a good way through the third day of the draft. 

Brandon McGee is no exception. While he isn't one of the most notable defensive back prospects, the Miami (F) product is a darn good football player and cover guy. 

Today's eDraft scouting report will take a look at the talented youngster. 


Ht Wt Class Ranking Projection
5'11" 193 Senior 109 Fourth Round



Field Speed: Not only did McGee run the sixth-fasted 40-yard dash at the combine for a cornerback, his straight-line speed is among the best in the entire draft class on the defensive side fo the ball. He will be able to utilize this speed in a whole host of different areas in the NFL. You will not see him struggle to stay with receivers on the outside and he will be a mighty fine special teams player out of the gate. 

Athleticism: We can talk about 40-yard dashes all we want, but everyone knows that generic drills at the combine mean little. By virtue of his raw athleticism, McGee will not get caught giving up the big play too often on the outside. If a receiver beats him off the line in press, McGee will be able to utilzie his athleticism and catch-up speed to close the gap. Equally as important, he does a great job positioning himself between the ball and the receiver, which enables him to make a play on the former on a consistent basis. These two traits are huge when it comes to young defensive backs. 

Technique: McGee possesses fluid hips on the outside. Couple this with quick feet and you have someone that should be able to do just fine in man coverage. His back pedal is also pretty strong, which also equates to man coverage in the NFL. 

Experience: McGee started 25 games at Miami (F) and recorded three interceptions over the last two seasons. He isn't as raw as some of the other mid-round prospects in the draft. The team who picks McGee up can expect immediate production on the defensive side of the ball, not just special teams. 



Strength: McGee will have to add more strength to his 5'11" and 193 pound frame. He can get manhandled against larger receivers, tends to struggle making tackles in space and will not fit will in press coverage. These are three things that can be worked on, but they are also three things that keep McGee out of the conversation in the early part of the second day. 

Inconsistency: McGee tends to struggle with consistency. While his superior athleticism enabled him to make up for this in the ACC, the same cannot be said at the next level. He sometimes loses the ball in mid air, which will also cause major issues against the elite of the elite. In addition, McGee gets turned around way too much. He needs to work on these aspects of his game in order to be starter-caliber at the next level. 


Bottom Line

Whoever does pick McGee up should expect to get a young player that projects to be a decent starter at some point in the not-so-distant future. He has the athleticism, coverage ability and technique to be a darn good football player in the NFL. If McGee is able to fix issues with inconsistency and add some strength to his build, I see no reason why he won't make an impact relatively soon. His ceiling is probably Brandon Flowers with the Kansas City Chiefs, while his bottom appears to be a Sam Shields-type player. Expect McGee to go somewhere between the late third round and early fourth round. 

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