2013 NFL Draft: Eric Fisher Scouting Report

By Chris Dougherty on Tuesday, February 26th 2013
2013 NFL Draft: Eric Fisher Scouting Report


Central Michigan left tackle Eric Fisher enters the 2013 NFL Draft as one of the premiere offensive lineman prospects available. Fisher is neck-and-neck with top tackle prospect Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M, a battle that may come down to the final second on the clock on draft day for the Kansas City Chiefs, who hold the first overall pick. Fisher is an exciting player to watch on tape, he's extremely explosive, and shows uniqure lower body strength that allows him to plow into his blocks, creating wide open holes for his ball carriers. Fisher may very well be the best tackle in this draft that no one realizes, yet.


Ht Wt Class Ranking Projection
6'8" 305 Senior 6th Top-10 Pick 



Size - Fisher possesses ideal size for an NFL left tackle, standing 6'7'' tall, weighing in at around 310 lbs. He won't see many mismatches against defenders with his size, and is athletic enough with his big frame to play left tackle at the next level.

Strength - One of Fisher's biggest strenghts is ironically, his strength. On tape, you consistently see him driving his legs through his blocks, often sending a defender flat on their backs in the second level. Fisher's strength will be talked about leading up to the draft as one of the biggest reasons he should be the first tackle off the board when the Chiefs select first overall.

Athleticism - For being 310 lbs., Fisher moves extremely well. He rarely has a problem getting to the second level, creating more open holes for the ball carrier following him. He has extremely good foot work in both pass and run protection, and his first step is extremely explosive off the snap.



Competition - While Fisher managed to plow over any defender he faced down at the Senior Bowl, it was only one week's worth of competition. Fisher played in the weak MAC conference, as compared to Joeckel who played in the Big 12 and SEC. Fisher may not reach his peak potential until year two or three in the league, after facing consistently stiff competition in the NFL.

Pass Protection - Fisher does possess all of the tools needed to succeed as a 'blindside' pass protector in the NFL however, he does manage to get beat by quicker defenders off the edge. With the NFL moving towards utilizing smaller, faster defenders, Fisher will need to sure up his pass protection foot work to ensure protection for whichever team's franchise quarterback he is protecting.


Bottom Line:

There is no doubt in my mind that Eric Fisher will become a successful left tackle in the NFL. I don't think it's out of the question to consider him with the first overall pick, either. Fisher is a tenacious, and gritty offensive lineman that will stand to be a teams book end left tackle for well over a decade. Whether or not Fisher manages to be the first player off the board in April's draft remains to be seen. Whichever team selects Fisher will be solidifying the left side of their offensive line for many years to come.

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