2013 Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft

By Patrick Conn on Wednesday, February 20th 2013
2013 Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft

The Eagles have a lot of work to do this offseason to correct the issues the team had this past season.  Offensive line help should be at a premium as well as defensive help.  They have all of their picks in rounds one through seven as well as the Colts seventh round pick. 

1. Luke Joekel, Offensive Tackle, Texas A&M

Joekel has proven himself this past season to be the top tackle coming out of college with his dominance over SEC defenses.  Much like Eric Fisher either player is worthy of a top five pick but Joekel has a few more skins on the wall.  Jason Peters may not return back to his Pro-Bowl form and Joekel can make an impact immediately.


2. Eric Reid, Safety, Louisiana State

With Vacarro and Cyprien going in the first round, Reid could fall into the lap of the Eagles who need help in the secondary.  Reid can be suspect in pass coverage at times and he plays the best closer to line of scrimmage.  He is a punishing hitter that will bring a presence to this secondary that is desperately needed in Philadelphia.


3. Margus Hunt, Defensive End, Southern Methodist

During last season the Eagles released Jason Babin moving Brandon Graham into the starting role but the defensive line still underperformed as a unit.  With Hunt it gives quarterbacks the difficulty of trying to throw over him at 6’7".  Hunt will also make plays on special teams as he seems to find the ball on field goal attempts.


4. Jamar Taylor, Cornerback, Boise State

Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie were not up to their expected levels of productivity given what the cost was to get these two players.  Taylor is a work horse who performs well against the pass and run.  He could very well work his way into the starting position if Asomugha and Cromartie continue to falter.


5. Chris Harper, Wide Receiver, Kansas State

As a former quarterback Harper knows how to run routes and catches the ball extremely well.  Now he isn’t going to run right by the secondary but isn’t slow either.  With Chip Kelly’s new offense Harper can fit right in to join DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin as huge weapons in the receiving corp.


6. Dan Buckner, Wide Receiver, Arizona

Buckner has a familiarity with Nick Foles who may usurp Michael Vick as the starting quarterback.  Buckner also is an attractive pick for the Eagles with his sheer size at 6’4” provides a different type of receiver that this team needs.


7. Quinn Sharp, Punter, Oklahoma State

With the declining play of Mat McBriar and his injury issues have become a concern for the Eagles.  Sharp can play both kicker and punter but with Alex Henery on the team his only need would be punting.   Safe pick here with another pick coming later in the round.


7. Spencer Long, Guard, Nebraska

With declining play at the guard position and Danny Watkins not playing up to his first round pick potential, this is a position that needs to be addressed.  Now Long will not be thrust into the starting position right away but he can compete for the backup role.


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