2014 NFL Draft: Early Look at Potential Draft Order Based on Week 3 Results

By Blake Meek on Wednesday, September 25th 2013
2014 NFL Draft: Early Look at Potential Draft Order Based on Week 3 Results

32. Seattle Seahawks

Just like the Broncos are clearly the class of the AFC, the Seahawks are clearly the class of the NFC. The defense is playing like the best in football and the offense is playing extremely well itself. If the Seahawks get home field advantage in the playoffs, no one is beating them there.

31. Denver Broncos

The Broncos are clearly the class of the AFC right now. There is no player in football playing as well as Peyton Manning is right now. The scary thing is they are without their best defensive player right now in Von Miller. When he gets back the defense gets even better.

30. New Orleans Saints

What a difference a year makes. Sean Peyton is back on the sidelines and it’s like last year never happened in New Orleans. Is it too early to give assistant coach of the year to Rob Ryan yet?

29. Miami Dolphins

I wasn’t a believer in Ryan Tannehill or the Dolphins before the season but they have converted me. Tannehill has progressed amazingly well and the defense is still extremely good. If Jonathan Martin and that line can hold up the Dolphins have a shot to knock off the Patriots as AFC East champs.

28. Chicago Bears

The Bears defense has picked up where it left off last year in the turnover and scoring department. Jay Cutler is playing well and the offensive line is getting him killed. If the line can continue to play well, they are a dangerous team. The loss of Henry Melton hurts that defense though.

27. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals did something they haven’t been able to do the last couple of seasons, beat a playoff team. The defense played extremely well, holding Aaron Rodgers under yards and only one touchdown. The offense has to stop turning the ball over.

26. Detroit Lions

I really like what the Lions are doing. If Reggie Bush can stay healthy they have a really good duo at running back and they still have Calvin Johnson. If the defense can play even decently well, they will win a lot of games with that offense.

25. Kansas City Chiefs

I picked the Chiefs last season to win the AFC West and I was dead wrong as they were the worst team in the NFL. This season I picked them to miss the playoffs and I may end up being wrong again. Justin Houston is playing out of his mind this early part of the season.

24. New England Patriots

The Patriots haven’t looked like the Patriots of old yet this season and Tom Brady is clearly frustrated. However, once they get Rob Gronkowski back the offense should pick up again.

23. Green Bay Packers

The Packers have a lot of holes on their team, but they still have the best quarterback in the NFL right now. Johnathan Franklin was impressive besides the fumble in his debut. If the line can shape up, they will still be hard to beat for anyone.

22. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts showed a lot about themselves with their dismantling of the 49ers. Andrew Luck was already winning games, but add in a back like Trent Richardson and that offense just gets more dangerous.

21. Dallas Cowboys

The only reason I have the Cowboys in the playoffs is because the rest of that division is really bad. Then again I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony Romo somehow causes them to miss the playoffs.

20. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens put a good beat down on the Texans, but they still aren’t a playoff team. Joe Flacco isn’t an elite quarterback and he doesn’t have the weapons to carry this team to the playoffs.

19. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers went from Super Bowl favorite to a team that seems very beatable. Colin Kaepernick has had two really bad games in a row and if he can’t get it together, the 49ers won’t either.

18. Houston Texans

I’ve never been a believer in the Texans and this week made me believe even less. They had to have spectacular comebacks in their first two games or they could be looking at 0-3. Matt Schaub is not good enough to carry this team if needed.

17. Tennessee Titans

If Jake Locker can continue to play like he did this week the Titans will be hard to beat. The Titans have a lot of offensive weapons and an improving defense.

16. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons were a lot of peoples pick for the Super Bowl before the season. However, they haven’t looked good yet this season. Offensive line and defensive woes, as well as injuries are holding this team back.

15. St. Louis Rams

The NFC is down early in the season and the Rams are still in the playoff hunt. Sam Bradford is going to have to step his game up though if he wants that to happen.

14. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers just put a beating on the Giants and showed what they are capable of. Cam Newton is a future star in this league and they need to give him more help.

13. San Diego Chargers

Both of the Chargers losses have come on late game drives. Philip Rivers is playing more line his old self than any other time in the past two years and Eddie Royal is leading the league in receiving touchdowns.

12. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals still have the same problem they did last year. Their line isn’t very good, they aren’t running the ball much and poor quarterback play is holding them back.

11. New York Jets

The Jets are the worst 2-1 team I can remember watching. They had a game given to them by a stupid penalty at the end of the Tampa Bay game. Their defense is good and Geno Smith is playing better than expected.

10. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles offense looked explosive the first two weeks of the season, but Justin Houston almost ended that himself. The line was abused by Kansas City.

9. Buffalo Bills

The Bills got a game given to them by the Panthers or they would be looking at 0-3. I like what they have at running back but their line gave up entirely too many sacks to the Jets this week.

8. St. Louis Rams (via Washington Redskins)

Robert Griffin III# has been rusty the first few weeks of the season, but he should get better. However, the defense isn’t going to get better this year and that is bad news.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are in disarray. Their offense is pitiful, their defense can’t make big plays anymore and they look like one of the worst teams in the NFL. Ben Roethlisberger can’t do it all by himself anymore.

6. New York Giants

The Giants are just a bad team. Eli Manning is a turnover machine, David Wilson can’t run the ball and the defense can’t stop anyone.

5. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are, as I’m writing this, getting pummeled by the Broncos. The Raiders don’t have a lot going for them, but they may have found a quarterback in Terrelle Pryor. He has been playing well this season.

4. Cleveland Browns

The Browns trade away one of their best offensive players and proceed to win a game with their 3rd string quarterback playing. The Browns can’t even tank for Bridgewater correctly.

3. Tamp Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers could honestly be sitting at 2-1 if not for a couple plays. However, they are sitting at 0-3 and Josh Freeman isn’t looking like a starting quarterback.

2. Minnesota Vikings

Teams are putting 8 in the box and daring Christian Ponder to beat them and he isn’t. Adrian Peterson is one of the best of all time, but he can only do so much.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are easily the worst team in the league. Not only have they not won a game, they haven’t really even been competitive. Teddy Bridgewater, welcome to your new home.

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