2014 NFL Draft: eDraft's Official Post-Combine Running Back Position Rankings

By Ryan Ratty on Saturday, March 1st 2014
2014 NFL Draft: eDraft's Official Post-Combine Running Back Position Rankings

When running backs enter the NFL, they are immediately on borrowed time. The running back position is always in contact whether it's with the football or pass blocking for their quarterback. This running back class is extremely intriguing. There are freak athletes, and then there are guys who can make plays out of the backifeld. While more teams have started using the "running back committee" idea, the position still has important in the NFL.

The best running backs in the league have a unique combination of size and speed. Guys like Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles are special players. But there are also players like Darren Sproles who have made a living out of the backfield as receivers. Many running backs will be drafted on the second day in the draft. But regardless of where they will be drafted, all of them will have a chance to succeed in the NFL. Without further ado, let's take a look at eDraft's official rankings for the running back position.


5. Carlos Hyde, Ohio State

There is no question that Carlos Hyde is the strongest back in this year's class. As a workhorse in Ohio State's offense, Hyde was never in the spotlight because of Braxton Miller. But in 2013, it was Hyde who was the best player in their offense. The ex-Buckeye weighs 240 pounds which gives him the ability to go at it against defensive linemen.


4. Ka'Deem Carey, Arizona

Carey was one of the most productive running backs in college in 2013. His size is a bit alarming at 5'9". But his size isn't that big of a deal when you watch him run. He is quick and shifty, this allows him to run with ease between the tackles. When he is at his best, Carey is bouncing off tackles and picking up extra yards after contact. He should have a solid career in the NFL as a complementary back. But, Carey could also start for a few teams.


3. Charles Sims, West Virginia

After watching Sims on tape, I don't think there is another player at his position that has more potential than him. He is fast as can be, and he is excellent hands. This allows him to be a solid checkdown player in the passing game. Sims has a skillset that is very similar to Danny Woodhead's. I fully believe Sims can be a solid starter for awhile in the NFL.


2. Tre Mason, Auburn

Besides Andre Williams, there weren't many backs that had better years than Tre Mason. The Heisman finalist was the biggest reason why Auburn was in the National Championship. In the read-option offense, Mason was a beneficiary because the offense was perfect for his skillset. Like Sims, Mason is also very shifty in the backfield. He is agile and he has excellent vision which is really valuable for the next level.


1. Bishop Sankey, Washington

Everyone has different opinions of who the best running back is in this class. 11 eDraft writers agreed that Sankey was the best player at his position. The best part about Sankey's game is how bounces off tacklers. He is also has deceiving speed that allows him to get up the field. Sankey is very versatile, this allows him to play in multiple offenses at the next level. A team like the Tennessee Titans would be a perfect fit for Sankey because they need a guy who can play on all three downs.

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