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2014 NFL Draft: Jeremy Gallon Scouting Report

2014 NFL Draft: Jeremy Gallon Scouting Report
By Josh Collacchi on January 17, 2014

If Jeremy Gallon were younger, there would be more buzz surround him, and his NFL future. But considering he turns 24 before the draft, and does not possess many elite physical skills, he may be an afterthought to NFL teams.

Jeremy Gallon is a fifth year senior from Apopka, Florida, and is listed at 5’8 and 184 pounds. When watching him, that may be a tad generous. He looks a bit smaller than 184 pounds, but once he plays in the Shrine Game, we will be able to see more of him.

At his size, Gallon needs to possess elite speed or quickness to make it at the next level as a starting wide receiver. Gallon does not have either, but he does show some grit. In a game against Notre Dame, he caught a pass across the middle, and was able to bounce of a safety and glide to the goal line.  He also is not afraid to catch the ball in any spot, which is huge for offenses in the NFL.

Gallon plays like a receiver who is 6’3, but that will not work on the outside at his size at the next level. He will need to be used exclusively in the slot, finding holes in the opposing defense and making catches in traffic. Gallon’s hands are reliable, and he uses them well. A lot of receivers catch the ball with their body, Gallon will go and get it with his hands, which is a very good trait to have. He also uses his body well, and runs crisp routes at times, but the fact that he is more of a possession receiver rather than a guy with elite speed may prevent him from starting.

If you follow Brandin Cooks, Gallon is Cooks without the speed. This is not a knock on Gallon, as Cooks has elite speed, but without it Gallon may struggle to start at the next level. He has to be a slot receiver, and in an offense where a quarterback can use his route running to his advantage.

If Gallon goes to a team with a Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or even the Eagles with Nick Foles getting the ball out quickly in Chip Kelly’s offense, he can be successful. Personally, I would take Gallon on my team, but not until the 5th round in this wide receiver class.


Pro Comparison: Wes Welker

If Gallon goes to a team with a very good quarterback, he could be very productive, but if not, unfortunately we may not hear from him a lot in the NFL.

Josh Collacchi

Josh Collacchi

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