2014 NFL Draft: Josh Huff Scouting Report

By Josh Collacchi on Thursday, February 13th 2014
2014 NFL Draft: Josh Huff Scouting Report

Josh Huff comes from an exposive offense in Oregon, but has not gotten the attention that he may deserve. It may be because of the elite draft class this season, but someone will get a good player later than expected.

College: Oregon
Ht: 5011
Wt: 201 pounds



Hands: Despite Huff's hands being relatively small (9 and 1/8th), he uses them well and comes down with the ball secured. During the week at Senior Bowl he confirmed this, having one of the better weeks of the receivers down there.

Adjustment: Huff has an innate ability to adjust to the ball in the air, and that is a very underrated trait for receivers at the next level. Not every ball is going to land in the "bread basket", so adjusting to poorly thrown balls, or underthrown balls is a good abiliity to have. Huff was a consistent pass catcher at Oregon, and he was able to adjust with the best of them.

Route Running: Huff was the best route runner at Oregon, and was able to cut his way open because of his route running. His ability to head fake is just another tool for him to use to bait a defender and gain an extra split-second to get open.



At under six feet, Huff needs incredible speed to be considered a top prospect. Unfortunately he does not possess elite speed, or any other elite physical tool.


NFL Comparison

Less gifted Jeremy Maclin. Huff does not possess the physical tools that Maclin has, but is a tad more reliable. They look interchangeable when watching tape of both of them, and that is compliment for the former Duck.


Draft Outlook

In this draft class, Josh Huff will not be one of the top receivers taken, but he can still be a contributor in the slot for a team in need. Expect him to go in the third or fourth round, but it only takes one team.


Best Fits

The best fit for Huff would be in Kansas City. The Chiefs need a reliable option to get ten yards, and not drop the pass. Huff can be that player. Other fits would be the Philadelphia Eagles (should Maclin walk), or the New England Patriots. Huff fits in a place where the quarterback can throw it as hard as he needs to, and expect the receiver to make the catch. Huff is perfect as a slot receiver at the next level.

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