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2014 NFL Draft: Logan Thomas Scouting Report

2014 NFL Draft: Logan Thomas Scouting Report
By Derrik Klassen on December 29, 2013

College: Virginia Tech

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 257 pounds



College Stats
Year Comp % Yards TD INT
2010 46.2 107 0 0
2011 59.8 3,482 30 10
2012 51.3 3,500 27 16
2013 57.3 3,156 20 13




Live arm: Similar to Derek Carr, Stephen Morris, and Zach Mettenberger, Thomas’ arm will “wow” observers. With ease, Thomas can launch the ball 50 yards through the air and hit his receiver in stride. On such throws, the ball travels with a velocity and a solid arch, as opposed to a floating lob pass. On the intermediate level, he throws with impressive velocity and can squeeze the ball through the tightest of windows. Defenders have less time to adjust to the ball in air because it gets there too quickly. If he can learn to tame his arm a bit better, it could be deadly.

Comfort: In the pocket, Thomas stands tall and refuses to be scared off of his spot. He holds strong in his area and does not panic. When the pocket begins to collapse and break down, Thomas keeps his cool. He stands strong and delivers a pass to his intended receiver, despite the limited room to work with. Few quarterbacks possess such natural ability to function normally in broken down pockets. When flushed out of the pocket, Thomas stays calm, finds a checkdown, and delivers, or simply runs and takes the few yards the defense has granted to him.



Vision: A quarterback can have all the accuracy in the world, but if he is making the wrong throws to the wrong receivers, he will struggle. Thomas has a tendency to force passes that he simply should not. As opposed to a common occurrence in which it was a minor foul up, Thomas rarely makes such awful decisions, but when he does, they are blatant and costly. More often than not, he appears to not see a certain defender and the defender will jump the route and intercept Thomas’ pass. At the next level, those mistakes will need to be fewer and far between or he will not hold a starting role on a depth chart.

Internal clock: Thomas’ comfort and courage in the pocket is bittersweet. While he will not be easily scared off, he will fail to sense pressure more often than not. He does not have the natural instinct to sense that pressure is near him and it has gotten him sacked numerous times. If a blindside pass rusher gets loose and Thomas’ receivers have failed to get open, it is almost a guaranteed sack on Thomas.


NFL Comparison

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Size-wise, the two are essentially identical. Both also have a smooth throwing motion that appears to be done with such ease and has a hitch at the end. Their accuracy is similar as both have tendencies to sometimes throw at receivers instead of to the spot where they will be. Oddly enough, both also throw off their back foot when interior pressure is too overwhelming and forces them backwards. Cam Newton is a better athlete, but that is not to say Thomas is a bad athlete. He is a good athlete, just not on the level that Cam Newton is.


Draft Outlook

Thomas should and will go higher than most fans think he will. His size and arm will surely encourage a GM to draft him in the third round, or even the second round. He deserves to go in the third round, despite how negatively he is perceived. Thomas is much better than given credit for and has more potential than most quarterbacks in this draft class.


Best Fits

If the Cardinals decide to take a Day Two quarterback to groom under Carson Palmer, Thomas is their man.

He has the arm strength and deep passing ability to thrive in Bruce Arian’s system.

Michael Floyd would make a stellar young receiver for Thomas to grow as a player with and develop chemistry.


The Browns are in search of a quarterback and if they feel that they do not need to take a quarterback in the first round, Thomas can be a solid fit in the second or third round. With talents such as Josh Gordon, Jordan Cameron, and Cleveland’s solid offensive line, Thomas would have a solid supporting cast to work with as he adjusts to the NFL’s pace.


Derrik Klassen

Derrik "The Prodigy" Klassen

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"In life, as in football, you won't go far unless you know where the goalposts are." - Arnold H. Glasow
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