Cam Cameron: A Nightmare for Fantasy Football

By Vincent Frank on Saturday, September 22nd 2012
Cam Cameron: A Nightmare for Fantasy Football

How do you call 16 running plays for Ray Rice in a close game? How do you do so when he had already gained 99 yards on those 16 attempts? I guess you are going to have to ask Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. As someone that has Rice on two of my three fantasy teams, I want to see him cradle the rock a good 30 times a game. While that isn’t sustainable, throwing 42 passes with Joe Flacco instead of giving Rice the ball in a close game makes no sense.

This is what Cameron thought to be a good idea against the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday. Seriously? If you are buying into that I have a KFC franchise to sell you in Pakistan.

Still, Rice was able to put up 152 total yards on 22 touches. He is a fantasy stud in every possible scenario, an inept offensive coordinator included.

How would Rice perform if he actually had a play-caller there to feature him in an offense? What numbers would we be looking at? Would the Ravens be in a better situation on a weekly basis?

Baltimore possesses an 18-3 record when Rice runs the ball 20 or more times. They are 23-16 when he doesn’t. So Cameron seems to believe it makes sense to feature Rice in just over one-third of the games he has played as a member of the Ravens. Okay, can I have your job please? More mind-numbing is the fact that Baltimore wins 86 percent of the time Rice runs the ball 20-plus times, while they have a .589 winning percentage when he doesn’t.

Seriously? Why hasn’t this guy been fired yet?

I am going to continue under the assumption that Cameron has a college degree, a high school degree, maybe an elementary education, which means that he has had to take and pass multiple math classes in his lifetime. Simply math, elementary that is, indicates that he is going against the grain. In doing so, Cameron is showing himself as inept as Sarah Palin giving a geography lecture. Again, Seriously?

Oh, and it isn’t like Baltimore has their own version of Joe Flacco here, oh I mean Dan Marino. While he is a stunning 45-21 record as the Ravens Flacco possesses an 8-10 record when he throws the ball 35-plus times. Okay, let’s do some basic math here. The Delaware product is 37-11 when he doesn’t throw it that amount of times. Wow Mr Cameron, I might have just aced your third-grade statistics exam as did every single person who just read this article.

On behalf of anyone that has ever owned Rice in fantasy football, let me ask you this Mr. Cameron. You know the “Cardiac Kids” were the 1980 Cleveland Browns, a version of your current franchise. Right? Don’t give us a cardiac event waiting until the 4th quarter to see Rice touch the ball 20 times. Don’t put the friendly existence of your above-water mortgage on the line in order to make a point that runs contrary to common sense. After all, you want to keep your job and we want to win our weekly fantasy football matchup. They are equally important to those of us who have 30 minutes a week invested in setting up our lineup. It is high time you understand that.

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