Fantasy Football Slant: Looking at the Top Remaining Free Agent Quarterbacks

By Vincent Frank on Monday, March 27th 2017
Fantasy Football Slant: Looking at the Top Remaining Free Agent Quarterbacks

Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

Since he was released by the Bears earlier this month, there really has not been a ton of interest in this veteran quarterback. Sure the New York Jets were bandied about as a possible destination, but that was before the team added Josh McCown. At this point, Cutler's options are now severely limited. 

In reality, the Houston Texans and Cleveland Browns are the two teams without starter-caliber quarterbacks heading into draft season. This could change if Denver decides it want an outside option to compete with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. Even then, it seems unlikely Cutler would return to where it all started. 

Here's a guy that has put up 25 touchdowns with 23 turnovers in his past 20 starts. He's simply not being viewed as starter material on the open market. Short of Cutler ending up in Houston with DeAndre Hopkins, he will be completely irrelevant from a fantasy perspective. 


Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers

Even after putting up 18 total touchdowns and four interceptions for San Francisco last season, Kaepernick remains a man without a home. Recent reports suggest he's looking for $9-plus million annually and an opportunity to start. With San Francisco, New York (J) and Chicago all fixing their quarterback situations over the short term, Kaepernick's options are severely limited. 

This is only magnified by the divisive nature of his national anthem protest, which has obviously played a role in how the quarterback's market has played out. 

With all that said, Kaepernick did put up six top-12 fantasy performance in his 11 starts for a talent-stricken 49ers offense last season. Should he land as a starter somewhere, he will surely be worth a pick as a QB2 option. It's now all about Kap finding a job in a market that has not been favorable to him. 


Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

Romo is technically not a free agent, but there's no reason to believe that he will be returning to the Cowboys next season. The team will either trade or release him sometime this spring. And while it's a bit of a surprise this has yet to happen, Romo's market has not dwindled at the same clip as Cutler and Kaepernick. 

It's always been a two-team market between Denver and Houston. And now that the Texans have traded Brock Osweiler to Cleveland, there's surely an opening there. 

The soon-to-be 37-year-old Romo has played in just five games over the past two seasons. Prior to that, he finished as a QB1 option in each of his previous seven full seasons. If Romo were to go to Houston, we could immediately slot him in as a QB1 option. 

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