Fantasy Football Week 12: Start These 10 Running Backs

By Jessica Kleinschmidt on Wednesday, November 21st 2012
Fantasy Football Week 12: Start These 10 Running Backs

Week 11 came, saw, and conquered. A lot of big names got fantasy owners some big points. Week 12 reintroduces some familiar faces coming back from bye weeks. We know you missed them, and I am sure you are just tickled to have them back.

1. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota

Last week may have been hard to scramble to find a running back to fill the slot for Peterson while he was on a bye week, but fear no more. Peterson has been rushing for at least 120 yards and a touchdown in four straight games. Anticipate another amazing show from Adrian against the Bears this week. Don’t question starting him, he will dominate against Chicago and will give you 23 points.

2. Doug Martin, Tampa Bay

Martin had a day against the Carolina Panthers last week. With 24 carries for 138 rushing yards and four catches on five targets, it’s safe to say starting him is a wise choice. Hopefully you didn’t need me to tell you that. He faces the low-ranked Falcons defense this week, which means he will put up at least 20 points for you and you will be asking him to teach you how to Dougie.

3. Arian Foster, Houston

Arian rushed for 77 yards on 28 carries and gained another 15 yards on three receptions against Jacksonville.  While Foster’s numbers were not impressive last week, he does face the Lions this time around.  The Lions suck, Arian doesn’t. Expect him to have a great game.  19 points.

4. Marshawn Lynch, Seattle

Coming back from a bye week expect Lynch to arise in full force against Miami this week.  In Week 10 he made an impressive 124 yards and a touchdown on 27 carries in a win over the Jets.  With an average of 100.5 rushing yards per game and 5 touchdowns under his belt, start him.  19 points.

5. Chris Johnson, Tennessee

Remember that cheesy line most of you attempt using on women?  “You must be from Tennessee because you’re the only Ten I See?”  Well that probably did not work, however starting Johnson will indeed work.  He had 23 carries for 126 yards and one touchdown against Miami last week.  He continues to amaze with over 90 yards in six of his seven passing games. You may go home alone tonight due to a cheesy pickup line, but your boy Johnson will get you 18 points.

6. Frank Gore, San Francisco

If you were watching Monday Night Football this week, you stood up and applauded many times for the Niners didn’t you?  Whether you’re a San Francisco fan or not, it is safe to say it was a hell of a game. Gore gained a massive amount of confidence tearing up the Bears last week when putting up 78 yards against a top five run defense. That confidence should continue when he heads to New Orleans. Whether Smith or Kaepernick is in the pocket, Gore should get you 17 points this week.

7. Jamaal Charles, Kansas City

Charles was the only positive entity on the Chiefs last week in the high scoring loss to the Bengals Sunday. He had 17 carries for 87 rushing yards and four catches. Even though he could not get into the end zone, starting him is still a wise choice.  He faces the Broncos in Week 12 and should be able to rack up 15 points for you.

8. C.J. Spiller, Buffalo

It must have been a shock to see Spiller on this list last week, until you saw his performance. Baller status. He helped the very few of you who kept him on your lineup get 12 points last week, and definitely made an impression. He rushed 22 times for 91 yards and caught three passes for 39 yards against the Dolphins Thursday night. With Fred Jackson possibly out, expect Spiller to put up 15 points for you.

9. Stevan Ridley, New England

Ridley rushed 13 times for 28 yards and a TD against the Colts in Week 11.  He has 842 yards and seven touchdowns under his belt.  While you are eating turkey, expect him to get you 13 points when he faces the holey Jets’ defense.

10. Ray Rice, Baltimore

Hate to do this, but it’s obvious Rice has not been playing to his potential. He was held below 100 yards for the third time in four games. Over his past 33 carries, he’s gained a horrible 75 yards. Go ahead and start him, but do not be too confident to have him be your highest scorer this week. 13 points from Rice.

Honorable Mention: Fred Jackson, Buffalo (Questionable) 
Honorable Mention: Matt Forte, Chicago

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