Fantasy Football Week 13: Start These 10 Running Backs

By Jessica Kleinschmidt on Wednesday, November 28th 2012
Fantasy Football Week 13: Start These 10 Running Backs

NFL Week 13 has begun, and hopefully some of your Christmas shopping has as well. (If anything I reminded you and she wants diamonds). This week brings you big names and even bigger numbers. A pretty impressive week in football. Here's the list of the running backs that should be in your lineup this week.

1. Arian Foster, Houston

Hopefully the turkey did not make you pass out and you watched Foster’s win (in overtime) against the Detroit Lions.  It was a stellar game for Arian who rushed 20 times for 102 yards and two touchdowns. Another day at the office for Arian this week when he faces the Tennessee this week. The Titans will definitely remember him when he gets you 25 points.

2. Doug Martin, Tampa Bay

Continuing the two touchdown trend last week, Martin seems a strong running back heading into Week 13. Although he did not have a massive yardage day against the Falcons, he definitely made an impression.  He has a difficult matchup against the Broncos this week, but be confident in him. 19 points.

3. BenJarvus Green-Ellis,

Cincinnati Green-Ellis probably has quite a confidence boost after the 34-10 defeat over the Raiders.  Not only did he have 19 carries for 129 rushing yards and a touchdown, however he did have a season high for YPC and 129 rushing yards.  He does face a sturdy Chargers defense this week, but don’t hesitate to put him in your lineup.  18 points

4. Beanie Wells, Arizona

Wells did not have impressive numbers last week in the loss to the Rams (rushed 17 times for 48 yards), but this week he faces the mundane Jets defense and he should have a lot of confidence since his first week back on the field.  Start him, your boy Wells will rack up 16 points for you. The Birdgang will appreciate it. 

5. Frank Gore, San Francisco

Gore carried the ball 19 times for 83 yards and caught two passes for 18 yards and touchdown in a victory against the Saints last week. Keep him in your lineup, he should have a pretty strong outing against St. Louis. But remember if Colin Kaepernick starts, he has a tendency to run the ball himself.  16 points.

6. Jamaal Charles, Tennessee

Target should sponsor Charles, Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel need to be throwing the pigskin to him more often.  Fantasy owners are probably getting hesitant to start him, but last week he did rush 23 times for 107 yards against the Broncos.  He faces a low ranked Panthers’ defense this week.  Should lock in 15 points.

7. Stevan Ridley, New England

Ridley carried 21 times for 97 yards and a touchdown in a 49-19 whooping on the Jets last week.  He has eight touchdowns under his belt, and should add another one for you heading into week 13.  He has a date with the Dolphins whose defense has been horrible lately.  Miami should not wait by the phone in hopes of a call from him.  He’s going to walk all over them. 15 points for Ridley. 

8. C.J. Spiller, Buffalo

How can you not love Spiller right now?  He has four TDs and 830 yards under his belt.  Fantasy owners should be pretty satisfied with him.  He’s been consistent with points weekly, and has been blocking well.  Fantasy owners haven’t been depending on him to win every week, however he will get you points, and you should definitely start him against the Jaguars this week.  13 points.    

9. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota

Peterson faced a tough defense last week against the Bears (apparently Jay Cutler's shoe tying abilities go far).  Peterson rushed 18 times for 108 yards.  He’s averaging a strong 112.4 yards per game and already surpassed his 1,000 yard mark this season.  It’s not a normal lineup for fantasy owners without him.  You should be smart enough to start him.  Hoping he blows over the Packers, he will probably get you 12 points this week.  You may also have to give him a ride to the stadium. 


10. Bryce Brown, Philadelphia

Bryce Brown had a disgusting game against the Panthers Monday.  He rushed for 178 yards and two touchdowns on 19 carries and caught four passes for 11 yards.  A phenomenal 26 fantasy points.   He’s taking the place of LeSean McCoy and doing a damn good job of it.  He faces the Cowboys this week and might as well set up a tent in the end zone.  He needs to be in your lineup. 12 points.   

Honorable Mention: Ray Rice, Baltimore 11 points
Honorable Mention: Marshawn Lynch, Seattle 11 points

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