Fantasy Impact: Giants Bench QB Eli Manning

By Matt Johnson on Tuesday, November 28th 2017
Fantasy Impact: Giants Bench QB Eli Manning

In a shocking move that represents the end of an era, Eli Manning is no longer the New York Giants quarterback. For 210 consecutive games, Manning took the field as the Giants' quarterback, but he'll now find himself on the bench for the rest of the season with Geno Smith set to take over the position in Week 13.

While the move certainly comes as a shock given Eli's name and status in that organization, the move is deserved. Manning posted some of the worst numbers in his career this year with a 6.10 yards per attempt average and a 5.26 average net yards per pass attempt representing career-lows. In addition, Manning 3.5 percent touchdown to attempt ratio is the third-lowest mark of his career.

Part of the blame falls on terrible luck for Manning and the Giants. The loss of Odell Beckham Jr and Brandon Marshall early in the season immediately doomed any hopes the offense held before they entered the season. Injuries along the offensive line and to wide receiver Sterling Shepard further added to Manning's struggles and fueled an offense that could never click.

Manning played poorly this year and his skills declined in past seasons, which pointed to a nearing end of his tenure in New York. Sitting at a 2-9 record and with nothing else to play for and needing some form of hope for future seasons, New York opted to pull the plug on the quarterback who played a key role in two Super Bowls.

The move to Geno Smith buys New York a few more weeks to prep third-round pick Davis Webb. In the meantime, Smith will slide into a role he is familiar with from his time with the New York Jets. Smith will find limited time to throw in the pocket and his weapons will be limited to Evan Engram, who is struggling with drops as a rookie, plus wide receivers Tavarres King and Roger Lewis.

While Smith once showed promised, he can't be trusted from a fantasy perspective with no help around him. He is far off the fantasy radar and until Shepard returns to the field and we can see what kind of chemistry he holds with Smith, Shepard will be a fringe WR3 for the time being. 


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