NFL Week 13 Predictions

By Vincent Frank on Sunday, December 2nd 2012
NFL Week 13 Predictions

We may be a little late to the game, but better late than never. From this week on, and into the postseason, eDraft will have weekly predictions from its three main NFL writers. This adds to what has already been a solid season for Andrew Brand, who has had his own article out every Thursday throughout the duration of the season. 

As the head sports editor here, bragging rights are on the line. More importantly, I will let either Jessica Kleinschmidt or Nick Slegel, the other two writers, make me do something embarrassing should I lose to them for the remainder of the season. It's completely up to them what they have me do. Of course you can easily help sway them in a specific direction...Just no full-body waxing. That's where I draw the line. 

So, here goes. 

Home Away Jessica Nick Vincent
Bills Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars Bills
Chiefs Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers
Jets Cardinals Cardinals Jets Jets
Packers Vikings Packers Packers Packers
Lions Colts Lions Lions Colts
Dolphins Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
Bears Seahawks Bears Bears Bears
Broncos Buccaneers Broncos Broncos Broncos
Ravens Steelers Ravens Ravens Ravens
Raiders Browns Raiders Raiders Browns
Cowboys Eagles Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
Redskins Giants Redskins Redskins Giants
Rams 49ers 49ers 49ers 49ers
Chargers Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals
Titans Texans Texans Texans Texans


Jessica's Take 

Jaguars:  Even though they will be on the road at Buffalo, Chad Henne has been so great in the pocket and throwing the ball so well; him as well as Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon are always in sync together. C.J. Spiller has been playing well, but I see Jacksonville taking a win with this one.

Bears: Chicago is 5-1 at home, and even though they struggle with a lot of injuries, this game should be Jay Cutler comeback game. They should win. 

49ers:  San Francisco has been on a tear with Colin Kaepernick as its starting quarterback, and he will get them a win tomorrow as well.

New England: I really like Patriots this week. Miami doesn’t have the tough defense to stop New England. And on top of that the Patriots numbers for turnovers are ridiculous. New England to win.

Cardinals: They have the same record, a poor one, but I am hoping the Cardinals come through this week. They need a win and if it’s any team they can go up against and get a victory, it’s versus the Jets.

Lions: Two words. Calvin Johnson. Detroit will win this game, Colts do not perform well on the road.

Packers: I really like Adrian Peterson, but I don’t know if he can have that amazing of a performance against Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers will lead this team to victory.

Texans: They're still unbeaten on the road this season. The Titans will have to work hard to keep up with Houston, but I don’t see Jake Locker passing the ball well. Arian Foster will rush for 100 yards and Texans will win.

Panthers: Brady Quinn is not consistent in the pocket like Cam Newton is. I feel he will run and throw well tomorrow. Panthers should win, but it will be a close one. Not in a good way either.

Broncos: They have home field advantage and Peyton Manning has been doing well as quarterback. They should clinch. Win for Broncos.

Raiders: Oakland not only has home fieldadvantage, but in Carson Palmer, he has a better chance of touchdowns, plus I think we can all agree Oakland needs a win badly. Win for Oakland.

Bengals: Cincinnati will have their 4th straight win this week against the Chargers. Andy Dalton has been consistent each week in passing and he will get the job done. Plus, the Chargers are still recovering from the 4th and 29 from Ray Rice last week.

Ravens: Going to be a great game first off. Whether Ben Roethlisberger starts or not, the Ravens should win this game. Baltimore always always wins at home, and there will be another win this weekend.

Cowboys: Tony Romo will probably do well in the pocket, however, I don’t think it will be a blowout game. I hate doing this, because I hate Romo, but he should win tomorrow against a messed up Eagles team. 

Redskins: Eli Manning has not been consistent as a quarterback. Robert Griffin III should get some touchdowns in this week and gain some confidence. Redskins should win.


Nick's Take

NY Jets: The Jets are just a little less-bad than Arizona, who is starting their third-string quarterback for the second straight week.

Packers: Green Bay will move on from last week’s drubbing at the hands of the Giants. Greg Jennings has practiced all week, and will finally be active (albeit in a limited role) for the Packers, and Vikings’ wide-out Percy Harvin will be out again. 

Lions: Stafford, Megatron and Company will prove to be too much for the Colts’ defense.  16 of the Colts’ 21 turnovers have come on the road this year. 

Patriots: Tom Brady and his seemingly endless supply of talented targets should handle the Dolphins with ease. 

49ers: The last time these two met, we were treated to a snooze-fest that ended in a tie.  The only difference this time; Colin Kaepernick

Texans: Houston is the best team in the AFC.  Tennessee shouldn’t be a problem. 

Bears: Battle of two teams with good defenses. The difference maker for both teams, is home-field advantage.  

Broncos: This is easily the equivalent of a fantasy football all-star game.  Manning and Denver are going to walk all over Tampa Bay’s horrendous Pass-defense.

Bengals: Andy Dalton, BenJarvus Green-Ellis and A.J. Green have all been hot lately.  Even though San Diego almost beat the Ravens last week, they’ll find a way to muck this one up as well.  When will Norv finally be shown the door?

Ravens: Charlie Batch is really the best quarterback the Steelers could come up with?  Isn’t there always a McCown or two available?  Ravens’ defense is going to eat Batch alive. 

Raiders: Marcel Reece has been on fire lately, and Browns’ quarterback Brandon Weeden will probably throw more picks than touchdowns. 

Cowboys: Ugh, two awful teams here.  Dallas played decently against Washington last week, and Philly is just terrible.  Cowboys will win. 

Redskins: Very tough call here.  Eli and the Giants woke up big last week against the Packers.  RGIII has been lights-out as of late, and since he’s playing at home; I have to give it to the Redskins.  


Vincent's Take 

Bills: They have played some better ball recently and are hosting a lackluster Jaguars' team. Expect C.J. Spiller to do his thing and give Buffalo its fifth win of the season. 

Panthers: I was seriously considering taking the Kansas City Chiefs here because of what they're going through right now. Then I realized they have won a total of one game this season. 

Jets: Mark Sanchez and company wouldn't win against three-quarters of the teams in the NFL. Fortunately for them, they're going up agaisnt an Arizona Cardinals team that has won a total of zero games since September. 

Packers: Look for Green Bay to bounce back here. It hosts a Minnesota Vikings team that needs a win to stay in playoff contention, but has lost four of their last six games. 

Colts: I am going to keep picking Indianapolis until it proves me to be foolish. It goes up against a Detroit Lions team that is pretty much out of playoff contention. There is something to say about actually playing for something. 

Patriots: While I want to go with the Miami Dolphins here, I just can't do it. New England has been one of the most dominating teams in the NFL through the last few weeks. Expect much of the same. 

Bears: The Seattle Seahawks don't play well on the road and have to go to Soldier Field and take on a Bears' team that rarely loses at home. You do the math. 

Broncos: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers possess the worst pass defense in the NFL. Unfortunately for them, they go up against Peyton Manning, who is playing like an MVP candidate once again. 

Ravens: As Jessica said, it really doesn't matter if Ben Roethlisberger was slotted to play in this one. Baltimore should take the game relatively easy at home. 

Browns: No idea what my counterparts are thinking here. The Oakland Raiders are an utter disaster. Expect Brandon Weeden and the Browns to win going away. 

Cowboys: If Dallas can't beat a Philadelphia Eagles team that has checked out and hasn't won since September, Jason Garrett will soon be fired. Expect Tony Romo and company to save his job, at least for another week. 

Giants: While the Washington Redskins have played some stellar ball recently, New York is still the class of the NFC East. Expect them to prove that Sunday night. 

49ers: Colin Kaepernick should lead a streaking San Francisco team to a convincing win here. Remember, the tie from a few weeks ago? That will be a thing of the past. 

Bengals: Andy Dalton is going to be the difference here. Simply put, he is a better quarterback than Philip Rivers and it doesn't hurt he plays for a better team. 

Texans: The Tennessee Titans have been a joke on defense this season. Too bad for them they have to go up against the likes of Arian Foster and Andre Johnson. This game won't even be close. 

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