2013 Super Bowl: Review and Analysis

By Patrick Conn on Monday, February 4th 2013
2013 Super Bowl: Review and Analysis

In a night where we had everything from Leon Sandcastle to a 34 minute power outage only one team stood tall, the Baltimore Ravens.    Ray Lewis who is now a two time Super Bowl winner can go out on top much like John Elway, Jay Novacek and Michael Strahan.  It all came down to a night that all football fans love and hate all at the same time.  Yes we now have a new World Champion but football is now a long seven months away. 

Baltimore led the entire game and it all started with the coin flip.  I can’t give enough credit for Joe Flacco’s postseason performance as well as his Super Bowl MVP performance.   Now I will go on record as saying I think Jacoby Jones was more deserving of the MVP but you can’t go wrong with Flacco.  Watching this team for their first five seasons under John Harbaugh you knew this was bound to happen.  They made the playoffs every season since he took over this team.  We can now say that Flacco is as elite as he said he was. 

The Ravens rushed out to a 21-6 lead at halftime and then Jones took the second half kickoff 108 yards (tied Super Bowl record) to extend their lead to 28-6.  The Ravens had everything going for them at that point.  When you thought it couldn’t get any worse for the 49ers the power went out at Mercedes-Benz stadium and this actually benefitted them.  You could say that was the turning point in this game.  Michael Crabtree caught a quick out from Colin Kaepernick shredded two would be tacklers for a 31 yard scamper for the score.  In the span of five minutes Kaepernick would lead his team to within five points. 

San Francisco did everything they could to claw back into this game in the third quarter and they did so in all three phases of the game.  They had a big punt return from Ted Ginn Jr., a fumble recovery by Tarell Brown and a touchdown run by Frank Gore.  Just moment before the lights going out it looked very bleak for the Niners.

We had a five point game going into the fourth quarter when Justin Tucker hit two huge field goals before and after a big touchdown run by Kaepernick.  With under two minutes to go in the game it would all come down to one last drive by San Francisco, but what else would you expect from this team?  As Niner fans know all too well this year it has been about slow starts, big deficits and huge comebacks under second-year quarterback. 

This game was very enjoyable for all the momentum and storylines within this Super Bowl.  It was a very physical and chippy.  On more than one occasion the referees had to split up these two teams and if you didn’t know better you would think the Ravens were their bitter rival.  I am sure that Carey Williams will be hearing from league offices about his actions when he shoved an official.  I won’t say that the reason the Niners lost was due to questionable officiating; it is all about execution and they dug themselves in a big whole early.

This core of players that San Francisco has will make it a top team in the NFC for years to come.  I really hope in the near future we get a rematch of these two teams.  Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens and John Harbaugh for an incredible season.  Now the fun begins as every team will focus on getting to New York next season.  

Editor's Note: eDraft will have much more coverage of the Super Bowl coming up this week. 

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