Top Fantasy Quarterbacks Through 11 Weeks

By Vincent Frank on Tuesday, November 20th 2012
Top Fantasy Quarterbacks Through 11 Weeks

Here is my list of the top 10 fantasy quarterbacks through the first 11 weeks of the 2012 NFL regular season. Keep in mind that this list doesn't necessarily mean that they are ranked this way in terms of best quarterbacks. Instead, it focuses solely on fantasy performance. This is important to note considering that a player such as Carson Palmer makes the list, while Eli Manning doesn't. 

This is also different from our weekly rankings over here at eDraft. It takes into account what a player has done throughout the season and doesn’t project what he will do moving forward. 


Player Team Comp % Yards TD INT Rating
1. Robert Griffin III Washington .671 2,806 18 3 101.0
2. Aaron Rodgers Green Bay .672 2,619 27 6 107.3
3. Drew Brees New Orleans .623 3,066 28 9 99.8
4. Peyton Manning Denver .685 2,975 24 7 106.2
5. Tom Brady New England .651 2,976 21 3 102.5
6. Josh Freeman Tampa Bay .564 2,505 21 7 94.6
7. Matt Ryan Atlanta .675 3,072 20 12 94.8
8. Andy Dalton Cincinnati .642 2,559 20 11 92.7
9. Carson Palmer Oakland .607 3,035 17 11 85.8
10. Andrew Luck Indianapolis .570 3,128 17 12 77.2


RGIII is clearly the No. 1 fantasy quarterback at this point in the season. What he has done, both through the air and on the ground, is nothing short of amazing. When you can have a player that this position that is on pace for over 3,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards you are doing damn good. The reigning Heisman Trophy Award Winner seems to be getting better as his rookie season goes on. Check out my article on RGIII here. 

Rodgers is currently on pace to throw for 4,200 yards and 43 touchdowns this season. While it could be considered a down season for the reigning NFL MVP, these numbers are still crazy. Expect Rodgers, who has actually put up 2011-like numbers in his last seven games, to continue ripping apart opposing defenses. 

I have both Brees and Manning ahead of Brady on this list. The primary reason for that is the fact that they have equal performances against better competition. Remember, who Manning had to go up against in his first three games this season: Pittsburgh Steelers, Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans. Meanwhile, Brady has been able to go up against the Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills (twice). 

Either way, all three are top tier QB1 options. 

Some may disagree that I have Freeman ahead of Ryan. Well, it is all about consistency here. You simply cannot rely on a quarterback that has thrown one touchdown compared to eight interceptions in his last three home starts to be a fantasy stud. What Ryan did last week, five interceptions against the Arizona Cardinals, is one of the primary reasons he has dropped so much on this list from the last time it was published. 

For his part, Freeman has lit it up recently. He has thrown for over 1,700 yards with 17 touchdowns and four interceptions in his last seven starts. Ryan has 12 touchdowns compared to 11 interceptions during that span. 

Anyone blaming Palmer for the Raiders' recent struggles knows absolutely nothing about football. What quarterback would be able to lead his team on a consistent basis when his defense is giving up 45 points per game, which is the case for Oakland over the course of the last three games. Overall, the Raiders defense is yielded a near record 32.2 points per game.

Statistically speaking, Palmer is having his best season since a Pro Bowl performance in 2006. He is currently on pace for nearly 4,900 yards and 27 touchdowns. Even with the interceptions (11), Palmer is a viable QB1 option. 

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