Week 15: Start These 5 Tight Ends

By Jessica Kleinschmidt on Saturday, December 15th 2012
Week 15: Start These 5 Tight Ends

Week 15 is happening whether you are ready for it or not.  This week brings a lot of competitive games and competitive players.  This week I give you the top five running backs you need to start in order to get a win.  I also hope you and your families are safe after a week of devastation.

1. Jimmy Graham, New Orleans

Graham makes it at No. 1 today mainly because he faces a last ranked Tampa Bay Buccaneers' pass defense this week.  When you combine his respectful 710 yards and 8 touchdowns under his belt and a weak matchup, you as a fantasy owner should be stoked to start him.  Expect Graham to get you 13 points.

2. Owen Daniels, Houston

You know what is awesome about Daniels?  Everything.  He may have had a bad game last week, however, he goes up against the Colts this week who average one touchdown from the opposing tight end per game.  He will come through for you this week if you put him in your lineup.  12 points.

3. Dallas Clark, Tampa Bay

You’re not supposed to live in the past, however, Clark in Week 7 lit up the New Orleans Saints, the very same club they play this week. So remember that when making a decision on starting him.  It would be wise to do so.  Just remind yourself the woman is always right.  Clark will get you 12 points this week.  You’re welcome. 

4. Vernon Davis, San Francisco

There is a lot of talk about the San Francisco game against New England at Foxboro.  It will definitely be one you need to hire a babysitter to take care of the kids for.  Davis has not been a high target for Kaepernick, however I have a strong feeling Colin will be depending on him to be there for some end zone action.  Give Davis some love and he should land you 10 points. 

5. Aaron Hernandez, New England

Hernandez is a beast for the Patriots and like I said, it will definitely be a matchup against the 49ers.  He laid the smack down on the Texans last week with eight passes for 58 yards, and should repeat his confident stride again this week.  He has a questionable ankle injury, but should be okay to start.  Do not question me, start him and he will land you at least 10 points.

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