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NHL Fantasy Hockey 2013: Mock Draft Picks 21-30

NHL Fantasy Hockey 2013: Mock Draft Picks 21-30
By Rob Kirk on January 18, 2013

With the first twenty picks in the books you are either looking at the 3rd round or are mid way through the 2nd.  Hopefully you are pleased with your picks and haven’t pushed the panic button yet.

The portion of the draft where you start to build your team begins right around the third round. You still want the best players that are available on the board, if for no other reason than just to keep someone around for trade fodder.

For example if you have drafted Jordan Eberle and Corey Perry already, do not take a pass on Tyler Seguin if he is still on the board. Sure you have a crazy number of right wings but someone else will definitely need one down the road. 

Tip: Don’t count on this to happen, because hopefully you are competing with people who know something about hockey.

Hopefully you have done a little bit of research before your draft started. As I mentioned in earlier articles, if you are doing a Yahoo draft, there are plenty of hidden treasures hiding in the “pre-draft rankings”.

Due to a couple of oversights, injuries and, quite frankly bad rankings, you can find some players ranked in places that defy explanation.  A quick Google search or even more conveniently, a stroll through the eDraft archives will give you rankings of the top players in every position. Don’t worry, we’ve got everyone covered. No oversights here.

So based on our “projected” first two rounds, here are picks 21-30

21.  Henrik Sedin--Yahoo Rank—19.4-- Average auction price--$57.2

22.  Rick Nash--Yahoo Rank—17.5 -- Average auction price--$39.1

23.  Jonathan Toews--Yahoo Rank—20.1-- Average auction price--$42.9

24.  Anze Kopitar--Yahoo Rank—30.0-- Average auction price--$45.8

25.  Zdeno Chara--Yahoo Rank—41.0-- Average auction price--$17.1

26.  Tyler Seguin--Yahoo Rank—23.7-- Average auction price--$43.7

27.  Jimmy Howard--Yahoo Rank—20.1-- Average auction price--$12.7

28.  Jordan Eberle--Yahoo Rank—32.5-- Average auction price--$43.9

29.  Eric Staal--Yahoo Rank—26.6-- Average auction price--$22.7

30.  Patrick Sharp--Yahoo Rank—24.2-- Average auction price--$36.7

Rob Kirk

Rob "The Captain" Kirk

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