NHL Fantasy Hockey: Top 5 Right Wings

By Ian Barry on Saturday, January 12th 2013
NHL Fantasy Hockey: Top 5 Right Wings

The right wing spot in the NHL is one of the deepest there is second only to the centers. If you are putting together a fantasy team, there are a ton of right wings that can fill the depth of a roster, but it is important to have the best top line right wing to be successful.

5. Jordan Eberle

Jordan Eberle is a very you player who has a huge upside, but most people would stay away from because of how young he is. Eberle was the most productive right wing for the Oilers last season, and if he can avoid a slump he will be one of the best in the league.

Eberle is playing with a huge group of very young and very talented players in Edmonton, and that will be a big help. Edmonton has been gathering top draft picks for the past few seasons, and that has resulted in a very young and talented roster. Even if Eberle is not able to make tons of plays, he will still benefit from being on the ice with other great player which will result in fantasy points no matter what.

4. Phil Kessel

Phil “the thrill” Kessel is the American wonder playing in the great white north known as Canada. Phil Kessel has been putting up great numbers playing for Toronto, but most might not always realize because the Toronto fans can be very critical of their team.

Kessel will continue to have success because the Maple Leafs continue to try and add talent around him. Kessel was in the hunt for the league scoring title, so it is safe to say that he is very likely to have another great season. Playing on the Leafs is not a good way to make the playoffs, but fantasy leagues end in the regular season so it should not bother fantasy owners.

3. Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane has been one of the top young right wings in the NHL for the past several seasons, and has already had huge success.  The only thing that could hurt Kane and his production this season is the team around him. The Blackhawks have lost a lot of their players from their championship team and have been trying to fill the gaps ever since.

Kane is always a big scorer and it would be a shock to everyone if he wasn’t this season. Kane did manage to get through the lockout without punching a cab driver, or having any arrests overseas for crazy parties so when the season starts, he should be good to go.

2. Marian Gaborik

No list of right wings would be complete without having at least one Marian on it, and Marian Gaborik should end up high on any list. Gaborik has been a top scorer ever since his days in the frozen tundra of Minnesota and has brought the same skills to the harsh streets of New York City.

The Rangers have been a hugely talented team for several seasons, and during the off season continued to add pieces to try and push them over the top. Gaborik is one of the key pieces that makes the Rangers go, and with a strong defense and grate goaltending Gaborik is free to go all out when it comes to offense.

1. Claude Giroux

It makes total sense that the top right wing in the NHL is the cover boy from NHL 13, Claude Giroux. Giroux has been better every season since he first entered the NHL, and if he improves from last season he could likely be the best player in the entire league. Giroux was the highest scoring right wing, and on top of that he also takes a large amount of face offs for a right wing.

Giroux did spend time during the lockout playing in Germany, where he did have a neck injury. Giroux came back to North America to get his neck looked at, and has had several weeks to recover. Giroux will be ready to go when the season starts, and will likely be the new captain of the Flyers. Claude Giroux is the easy choice for the best right wing, and should be at the top of every list.

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