PlayerTeamCon %GPTotal Yds / GameTotal TDsFantasy Pts* / GameFantasy Pts* Variance Shake
Kyler Murray ARI100%103262928.37283.665.820%
Josh Allen BUF90%103162724.19241.948.134%
Aaron Rodgers GB90%102963023.28232.767.532%
Patrick Mahomes KC90%103222926.01260.108.231%
Russell Wilson SEA90%103353125.81258.147.529%
Justin Herbert LAC89%93212524.30218.666.225%
Gardner Minshew II JAC86%72821418.63130.404.223%
Deshaun Watson HOU82%113182623.39257.346.427%
Dak Prescott DAL80%53921326.93134.6410.740%
Ben Roethlisberger PIT80%102552419.08190.765.328%
Cam Newton NE78%92511318.63167.709.249%
Matthew Stafford DET73%112691816.50181.545.131%
Ryan Fitzpatrick MIA71%72561217.45122.188.951%
Lamar Jackson BAL70%102521819.74197.425.226%
Joe Burrow CIN70%102831617.37173.727.543%
Ryan Tannehill TEN70%102542319.84198.386.533%
Drew Brees NO67%92442017.99161.945.329%
Teddy Bridgewater CAR60%102751617.77177.686.335%
Matt Ryan ATL60%103051617.79177.928.447%
Kirk Cousins MIN60%102522016.42164.247.244%
Derek Carr LV60%102561916.96169.645.029%
Tom Brady TB55%112692819.73217.0010.252%
Carson Wentz PHI50%102541917.46174.647.040%
Kyle Allen WAS50%4159511.2545.005.851%
Jared Goff LAR50%102871817.33173.326.437%
Nick Foles CHI50%82321113.05104.385.945%


How many times they had a + yard passing game.

Variance (Standard Deviation)

This reflects the differential of how many fantasy points a player scores vs the player's fantasy points average per game.

Shake (Coefficient of Variance)

To further emphasize consistency, simply divide that average variance by the player's fantasy points per game. This gives a percentage between 0% and 100%. 0% is perfectly consistent, while 100% is completely inconsistent.